How to Shop for a Refrigerator

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The most important factor to consider when buying a refrigerator is its size. If you buy a refrigerator that’s too large you will waste energy and it will cost more to operate. If you buy a size that’s too small you won’t have enough room to keep a variety of foods you shop for. Another important factor is the physical size of the refrigerator and how much space you have in your kitchen. If you have limited space, you may need to consider purchasing a side-by-side model. These models take a lot less space with the doors open. The following steps will point out things you should consider when shopping for a refrigerator.


Adjustable shelves will vary with different refrigerator models. Some shelves can be adjusted by removing them and adjusting the shelf post to next up or down position. Other models have shelving that can be reduced to half its depth with a push. You will need to consider what types of items you will be placing in your refrigerator.


Spill-proof shelves help prevent spills from going all over your refrigerator. This is can be very useful if you have children.


Some models have in-door refreshments centers that will store snacks and beverages. Your main refrigerator door never has to be opened.


Outside of the door water and ice dispensers are a valuable feature. They allow you to dispense water, ice and crushed ice. There are also water filtration system models that will let you know when the filter has to be changed.

Step5 :

Storage bins and crispers with separate controls for maximum freshness, are also available.

Step6 :

Make sure the refrigerator you choose has a good energy efficient ratio or better know as EER. The higher the EER the more energy efficient your refrigerator will be, which means less energy cost.


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