How to describe the ocean to blind people

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Well, this title sounds a little bit strange, but i just finished watching the movie “seven pounds”, and there is a blind person in that movie who has not seen the blueness of the ocean, not seen the greenness of the tender leaves and grass, not seen the clearness of the open sky , and it trigers me some thoughts about how to describe those scenes, i only has my personal descriptions on oceans right now, since i have seen it, although not many, a couple of times.

Think about a flat space, an open field,now, fill the space with blue water, there are some waves only near the coast, the waves are salt white on the edge. You can probably here the wind, that’s right, they push the water, and that makes the waves. The ocean is so big that it connects the sky at the very far end, sometimes, when you look as far as you are able to, you can hardly distinguish the edges. The sky’s blue is more shadow, where the ocean’s blue is more deep. The oceans is alive, it moves all the time, it is more than tons of water, it is vivid, it is alive, you can feel the heaviness of the ocean. Sea water is more rough than the drinking water, if you touch the drinking water, you can feel the pureness and lightness, as in the case of sea water, the salt makes it a little bit heavier, if not sensible by measuring, at least you smell the salt.


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