The Gosslin’s Divorce – Personal Opinion

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Jon and Kate Gosslin file for divorce. There is no surprise given the rumors and tabloid reports of late. On their TV show, Jon and Kate plus 8, they announced they are separating. From the small part of the show I watched, it appeared Jon was sad and excited about his new life. (Shame on you Jon.) While Kate wasn’t for the separation but saw it as necessary to keep the peace for her kids.

I am not a fan of the show. I have watched it a few times to see what all the discussions are about. I know there are quite a few die-hard fans of the show. I was surprised at my reaction to their announcement. I was sad, hurt and upset by the resolution. Here are my reasons for my reactions to the best of my ability to analyze my reaction.

I was saddened by the announcement. I am sad for the children and their future. This is no real stretch for anyone, I am sure most everyone would be saddened to hear of a divorce for any child involved let alone eight of them. I am sad that they are glorified on a TV show and that their parents felt a need to do so in order to pay for raising them – this is my opinion.

I was hurt to hear of their divorce. Why you might ask? Well, they present themselves to choose what is right and best for their children. I can’t imagine parents separating or divorcing would be a choice for any child. I am sure if you asked them what they would want, they would want their parents to work it out and seek counseling.  While I can’t say they aren’t seeking counseling, I haven’t heard of any suggestions to this effect.

I am hurt by their decision. I know this might be the strangest reaction but let me explain. Jon and Kate present themselves as Christians. It is my belief that they took a vow to each other and now they are not honoring that vow. Of course their recent actions and infidelities also do not honor that commitment. I am hurt that anyone would take his or her vows for granted. I find it shameful and disrespectful to their spouse, their commitment/vows and especially to the church and God himself. I believe they owe it to God, themselves and their children to work it out. Many may say divorce is a solution and it is worked out but I find their solution a quick response to a problem that can be resolved in other ways.

Finally, I am very sorry to hear that Jon was seen looking for an apartment in New York. If in fact divorce is the path they are going to pursue, moving away from his family is not the best solution. As a father he should stay as close to his family as possible to support them both financially and emotionally. Divorce is an emotional separation in itself, moving away from his children just compounds the emotional damage he will be inflicting upon his children. Jon, if you do go through with moving away, shame on you.

While the drama continues, I am sure the divorce decisions and separation of property and finances will be a big part of the new season of the show. The divorce will boost ratings. Viewers will be interested in the drama of it all and it might even help others going through similar situations. However, none of this will benefit the children. Ultimately, they are the victims. I ask that we all pray for them to also be the survivors, they will need it.


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