Medicare cuts and health care.

Consider some of these alarming survey results:

  • Nearly half of all doctors said a Medicare cut in 2007 would force them to decrease or stop seeing new patients and to discontinue nursing home visits.
  • A majority of doctors in rural areas said they would no longer be able to conduct important outreach services due to nine years of projected cuts.
  • Nearly two-thirds of doctors said that Medicare cuts would force them to delay purchasing critical new medical and technological equipment.

Medicare cuts threaten America’s patients. Medicare will cut doctor payments by nearly 40 percent through 2015. With healthcare expenses rising and payments decreasing, many doctors will be forced to reduce the number of patients they can treat. More Medicare patients are now being treated in a physician’s office and it has gotten harder to refer patients to certain medical and surgical specialists and many seniors now have to travel further for needed medical care.  An American medical association survey discovered that 45 percent of doctors would either stop accepting or decrease the number of new Medicare patients they accept. The cost of healthcare and retirement benefits of our aging population threatens to bankrupt the nation. We are living longer thanks to better health practices and medical breakthroughs. Ironically this means aging Americans are likely to take more out of Medicare than they paid in because federal retirement programs were created when people died sooner and more cheaply.

With our elderly population projected to double over the next thirty years the much larger long-term unfounded liabilities of Medicare will impose additional tax burdens and trillions of dollars on young working families.


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