Market Yourself As a Medical Transcriptionist

Once you have learned everything you need to be a medical transcriptionist, you will need to know how to market yourself as a medical transcriptionist to medical facilities in your local area and online. You will find that many medical facilities look for onsite and onsite employees. If you present yourself correctly, you should have no problem landing many clients to work with doing all of their medical transcription work.


Business Cards

Impeccable resume

Creditable references

Step 1

Create a business card that lists your services as a medical transcriptionist. Include your name, address, telephone number and email address. Include on the business card that you are a graduate with an associate degree in medical transcription. Never give prices or say if you will only work offsite or onsite. This can be discussed if someone is considering your services.

Step 2

Create a sales letter detailing your services. You should not include prices, but detail what you can do for the medical business. Give a good description of your experience and any schooling you have completed.

Step 3

Email and mail this letter along with your business card to as many medical facilities as you can find locally and online.

Step 4

Contact the facilities a week or two after the letter has been mailed or emailed to see if you can talk to the person in charge of hiring. Suggest a meeting to see if you could help them defray costs of using other services or onsite employees.

Step 5

Attend any meeting you set up onsite or online with all of your references and recommendations from other employers or even from a teacher that taught the classes that you took. Be professional and have a detailed document of your pay scale. Give the person you are talking with a copy of your resume at this time.

Step 6

Offer to do some work for pay to show the client how well you work and that you can complete the work on time. You should expect to be paid for this time, but you may have to lower your rate to show your talent for a show and tell type work completed.


You can send the resume with the sales letter, but you might want to wait until you have a face-to-face meeting in the event there are questions by the potential client.

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