How to Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Facelift

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Want your kitchen cabinets to look new and different without spending thousand of dollars for new ones. There are two ways you can approach this project. One is just to give your cabinets a good cleaning and change or clean the existing hardware. Second you can refinish the cabinets and change the hardware on them for a complete make over. I will discuss both methods in this how to project.

Material and Tools

Cleaning solution (to dissolve grease and dirt)

New cabinet handles and hinges (only if you are replacing hardware)

Electric Sander and sandpaper (if you are going to refinish cabinets)

If cabinets are stained:


Polyurethane (protective finish)

If Cabinets are painted:

Enamel paint for wood


Remove all doors from cabinets and mark each one so you know where they came from. If you want to refinish your cabinets then proceed to Step-6


If you are just going to clean the handles and hinges, remove all hardware from the doors and soak them for at least 30 minutes in grease dissolving cleaning solution. After about 30 minutes, scrub all hardware lightly with a soft brush and rinse.


Clean all doors and cabinets with a grease dissolving cleaning solution. Repeat if necessary to remove all grease and dirt.


If you are satisfied with the results, let everything dry and attach all the hardware back onto the cabinet doors.


Attach all the cabinet doors back onto the cabinets.


If you decide to refinish your cabinets and they are stained, you will need to strip the finish down to the wood with an electric sander. If you cabinets are painted they can be repainted after they are cleaned.


Apply a new coat of enamel paint to the painted cabinets. For refinished cabinets apply a few coats of stain. Let stain dry overnight and then apply a few coats of polyurethane. Follow the manufacture instructions for applying the polyurethane. You may have to sand lightly between coats.


Once everything is dry, install hardware back on the doors and install doors back onto the cabinets.


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