Should college education be available to the many or reserved for the few?

Should college education be available to the many or reserved for the few?

Undoubtedly college education should be made available to the many but not restricted or reserved for the few. Education makes a man more sharp, refined and complete. It is also a mean to provide employment or job opportunities to a man so as to eke out his livelihood. Considering the ultra modern civilization, developments of science and technology, we require a high level of knowledge and awareness to keep ourselves abreast of the current trends prevailing in the modern world.

Though all people try their level best to qualify themselves with the highest level or degree of education, only a few of them go up to college level either by dint of their merit or by the encouragement provided by their parents or family. Poor economic background becomes a hindrance to those people who are actually interested in pursuing their higher education at the college level. In countries like India gender bias plays a vital role in preventing girl children from getting higher education at the college level. In the former case people are forced to seek a job according to their level of education, while in the latter case, the girl children in the age group of 12 to 15 are forced to become drop outs and simply remain indoor.

Therefore it is the need of the hour to make the people realize that education at the college level is necessary to cope up with the modern trend, to lead a better family life, to rear their children in a better way, to manage their finances in a better manner, for which college education should be made available to many irrespective of their sex.

The Governments should make the education up to college level free and compulsory. Of course this step may seem to have even an element of force, something like an enlistment. But the current trend or the situation warrants it.

The next step that is necessary is to have more number of colleges and more number of courses to be made available to the increasing number of students who enroll for college education. If need be shift system may be introduced to tackle the rush in the regular colleges. If they are unable to meet out the strength, college education by distance mode is the only way. But the difference or gap between the regular and distance mode should be narrowed. The students doing their college education by distance mode may be even given the benefit of regular college at least for a year during their course. Otherwise, the purpose will not be served.

Governments may hesitate to make the college education free for all or make it compulsory, since the move may create financial crunches. But considering the long term benefits a country may reap through these steps, it is wise to introduce such steps giving them top priority.

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