Observe Office Etiquette

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It is very important  to observe good manners in the office. Here are some tips to enhance interpersonal relationship in the office with co-workers:

1. When you make a hundred copies at photocopy machine and a co-worker has 5 or less, let her finish hers first. Your little consideration  will mean so much for her.

2. Be sure to flush all in after using the comfort room. Nothing annoys a co-worker much than seeing that something is left in the toilet bowl.

3. When someone offers to buy something for you, give her the money first. Don’t let her waste time to collect from you afterwards. Your officemate has already done you a big favor for you by buying something for you. It’s already a form of abuse when you try to make her chase you just to collect what she earlier spent for you.

4. Work quietly so as not to disturb your busy collegues. It’s alright to be quite noisy during coffee breaks, but zip it when everybody else is busy working.

5. Refill everything when you are the last to use it. If you use the last piece of tissue, last teaspoon of coffee or you consumed the last piece of bond paper, you must refill it.

6. Observe good grooming.This can help you win more friends. Too strong scent of perfume irritates officemates and causes some sneezes. Untidy nails, worn-out heels and tangled hair are some of the things your officemates don’t like to see.

7. Be sensitive to others. Do not tell them how lucky you are when others are in misery. When a co-worker confides that she has been financially drained and needs money to survive, don’t tell her that you have a big amount saved in bank without offering her any financial help.

8. Always return what you borrow after using it. It really annoys your officemate to go to your desk just to get back the stapler you borrowed 3 days ago.

9. Smile often even when you are worn out by your work.


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