How to advertise your house for sale

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Prepare a listing sheet gining the age of the house, lot size, room sizes, taxes, and costs for fuel, utilities, and water.

A photograph helps. Specify what comes with the house, such as carpets, and appliances. Have about 200 copies of the listing sheet printed.

Place ads in several papers. In the ads, stress features that will make your house appealing.

Showing your house

When showing the house, provide warm touches like flowers, a fire in the fireplace, or cookies in the oven. Don’t play music that might sound offensive. Keep noisy children and pets out of the way. Never lie. You could be sued for consealing known defects.

Make sure it is free of any odors (like from pets), a pleasant, lightly scented burning candle is inviting. Try to create an atmoshere that makes one fill warm, inviting, and peaceful;  that way,  the potential buyer will get a good feeling about how it might be like to live there.

Emphasize on the positive points of owning this house. Go online and check out how much other houses in your area are going for.

If the persons that are interested in buying your home have children,  stress the good qualities about the school district. A home is only going to be valued at whatever the most expensive home is valued at in your neighborhood no matter how much extra you put into it. Take a walk around the neighborhood and get a feel of what it might be like living there. That way you can get an inside scoop of where you might be living. If you do have children, go to the police station and ask if there are any convicted sexual preditor’s living in the area. All these tips can have an important factor on your buying decision.


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