An Overview of Islamic Misconceptions

A Muslim will never hear, “You are a terrorist…but I am really liking the way your head scarf matches your outfit.” Are all Muslims terrorists? No. Are some Muslim terrorist? Sure. Can an Asian, Caucasian, African or Indian be a terrorist? Yes.  Terrorism has the most overwhelming votes of Islamic misconceptions.

            Do most people even know what terrorism means? When an American hears that dreaded word they usually picture a skinny Middle-Eastern man, dusted with sand, large beard, a turban and strapped with enough explosives that could make your grandkids feel the blast. Terrorism means intimidation, unlawful violence against a person or group often for political or ideological purposes. Islam means submission to Allah (Creator or God in Arabic). Do not be afraid of the word “Islam”, it does not mean “blow up stuff”, “We hate America” or “We kill for no reason”.  Terrorism sounds like anyone could be one, even an American. The infamous “Unabomber” named Theodore Kaczynski was born in Chicago. Those Columbine Shooters, two kids from Colorado and the Virginia Tech Massacre by the Asian student.

            This article is meant to get you thinking as well as clear up some common Islamic misconceptions.

  1. Muslim’s Don’t Eat Meat

False. Muslims eat meat and lots of it. Muslims may not eat the meat from Wal-Mart or Kroger’s but we eat a special kind. The special meat is called Halal.  Halal means lawful or permitted. We are permitted to eat meat that has been slaughtered a certain way. Let’s use a cow for example. When the cow is slaughtered, a prayer has to be said over the animal and it cannot die in distress (like many animals do on meat farms). The animal then has its throat cut quickly so that it feels no pain.

  1. Muslim Women Dress Differently

Yes, Muslim women do in fact dress differently; there is a reason to it. Muslim men and women are taught from an early age of a practice called modesty. That is a word often used in Islam. The modest believers will be of those who are top in Allah’s (God) mercy. Not only are Muslims taught to dress modestly but to be modest in act, speech and thought. Women cover their hair and bodies to distract men from ogling over body parts that should be kept private and sacred. Muslim or not, not everyone wants to see the goodies.

  1. Men Are Valued More Than Women

This could not be farther from the truth. In the holy book of the Quran (Similar to the Bible) it states that women, wives and mothers are to be treated like royalty and to which they are accustomed to. If you’re Muslim wife comes from a family that made sure she had whatever she wanted as a man marrying her (according to Islamic Law), he must attain that level of care.  Do not think because you see a Muslim woman covered up, toting around the kids and being a stay-at-home- mom means she is being deprived of any rights. Most of those women who do lead that life want to do it. They are not being forced to not work or to shun away society, it’s a choice. What hard working women-Muslim or not- wouldn’t want to stop working and have the husband take care of all the outside duties?

  1. Muslims don’t Believe in Soap

One time I was working in a pharmacy and there was an African pharmacist substitute for the day. He had a very thick accent and was not born in America. I was working on the side of him and smelled some very interesting smells. I didn’t say much about it but didn’t really want to come to close to him after that. Later on, a Caucasian pharmacy tech came up to me and said he smelled so bad and she didn’t want to work with him anymore. I explained to her that in their country, the natural body odor of men and women are deemed attractive and normal. In America we rendered the smell repulsive. Not only do some Africans smell different but people from India, Europe and the Middle-East. So it has nothing to do with religion, it is a cultural thing. Muslim’s who were born in America most likely use soap and deodorant like everyone else.

  1. Muslim Men Can Marry Seven Wives

No, they can’t marry seven women. They can marry up to four women though. There is a catch to that but a lot of Muslim men do not abide by the rules. It is stated that a man can marry up to four wives if and only if he can treat them equally. So, if he buys one a house, he has to do the same for the others. If he buys one a diamond ring, all of them must get one. It is a very tough economy and I doubt that any man with a regular job can hold down two households let alone four.

            This article is for Muslims and non-Muslims to gain knowledge into the wide world of Islam. Being Muslim is full of everyday growing and knowledge attainment. I have been Muslim for a long time and I still am learning new things about Islam that I never knew. I encourage anyone that has a question about Islam to research it and ask questions. People need to stop assuming and learn the right way of finding out about something they don’t know about.

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