How To Make Yourself Drink More Water This Summer

If doctor’s press drinking plenty of water into our heads, and years of statistics has shown that it is in fact beneficial to our bodies, why don’t people drink enough water? Especially in the summer, it is imperative people stay hydrated due to dehydration from sweating, heat and exhaustion. There are many excuses of why people don’t drink enough. There are substitutes that people try to put in place of water like Gatorade and Powerade. There are no real substitutes for water. Period.  Increasing your water intake just by two or three cups per day will have you noticing some great things happening: inside and outside of your body.

  1. A Cheap Alternative to Colonics

It’s a given that your system needs a cleaning once in a while. An intestinal cleansing should be done a few times a year but some people may have their colon cleansed every month. A lot of celebrities do it for weight loss purposes before an awards ceremony and to keep the colon walls clean.  They do this by a process called colonics. Colonics can cost anywhere between $60 and $200 per session. Who has that kind of dough to get colonics every month? Plus the feeling of a small water tube up your butt sounds delightful. So water is that natural (and less evasive) liquid that’s going to clean your colon and intestinal track the cheap way. Got dirty colon?

  1. Increases Body Fat Loss

If you go to the gym frequently you will see that most of the athletes and workout gurus have water jugs right near their exercise machines. Water not only hydrates you but it helps regulate your temperature while you are getting that hard workout. But how does that increase weight loss? Water is an alternative to those sugar filled and empty calorie energy drinks. It can also be used as a food suppressant. This is a very good and cheap way to not eat a lot of food. Drink water before and after a meal and you will see how much less you eat.

  1. Clears Skin Ailments

By drinking more water you can actually achieve clearer skin. When you drink a lot of water you’re not only flushing your colon but your skin as well. You are what you drink. When you eat greasy fast food for a week straight and pimples start popping up all over your face then you probably know why this is happening. When you drink water it gets rid of toxins that cause acne. When you add fresh fruit and vegetables to the mix you will see changes in your skin.

There are many other benefits that water can bring to your hair, bones, teeth, stomach and other parts of your body. Get yourself excited about drinking water. It’s summer outside and you need to keep yourself hydrated. You may not be a fan of water right now but if you can add things to it to make it taste better than it might make the experience better. You can add ice to it or buy those sugar-free to go packets for flavor. Anything to get you to lead a happy and hydrated lifestyle.  

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