Your rights as a patient

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Nurses have a job that is almost like a police man. They are required by law to have strict self control and act appropriate at work. This is why it’s not legal for your nurses to abuse you, insult you, or act in bizarre ways. You have a right as a patient to be treated with respect and dignity. Your nurses can’t abuse you. They will be punished if they abuse you. You can always report them to the nursing board. They will be investigated if they abuse their patients. This is the same with doctors. They can’t abuse the patients in any ways. They can be disciplined if they act inappropriately. Nurses and doctors are not allowed to drink or do illegal drugs on their off time. This is the law. If they do these things then they can be disciplined by the board. This is because they have to have a clear mind when reporting to work. They can make mistakes if they do drugs. These are the obligations of public health workers. They are expected to be free from violent acts. They may get into trouble if they are found to be violent. You should know your rights as a patient or a potential patient.

When you come to a hospital floor, all healthcare workers are expected to treat you with respect. They can’t scream, argue, accused you of anything. They can’t pick an argument either. They will have to serve you and do their job right. If you have ever been treated poorly by a nurse, doctor or any other healthcare professional, you can report them to the board of nursing or physician board. This is the law but you will have nurses or assistants that are extremely rude at times when you’re a patient who’s in need of good care. You can tell from history that there are nurses, assistant or even physicians who don’t do their job right. There were cases of assistant assaulting paralyzed patients and nurses giving more medication than necessary. They are a team in the hospital meaning they will cover each other at times. You can be a victim.

If you watch the News, you will see a few hospitals that make mistakes all the time and then try to cover it up. Patients care can be at risk if they don’t know their rights. You have to know your rights. When I was working in the hospital, I noticed several nurses that were really mean to the patients. They call patients names when there was no family member present. They can be mean and you have to watch out for your family members. One of my brothers was in the ER room and a nurse gave him a pill when he just had it and she just didn’t care. She didn’t ask to see if he was giving any medication. She just gives him another pill after he was already given a pill. There are chances for medical errors and it’s not uncommon. My brother was fine because it was just a pain medication but if it was an IV he would have suffer more.


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