Michael Jackson, Danny Gan and pain medication

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Michael Jackson death is a tragically painful event for many fans and his family. It was Danny Gan and pain medication and now it’s Michael Jackson. One thing that we can all learn from this is that we shouldn’t take more medication than we are allowed to take. It will lead to overdosing. What happens when people overdosed on drugs? They could die and it’s life threatening. This has always been a fact. You can’t take any more medication than you’re allowed to take. What happened with Danny Gan? He took more pain medication than he was allowed to take and I think that it was from a lack of knowledge about drug overdose. He didn’t think that it was wrong to take more than he was supposed to take. Everyone knows that you can’t take any more medication than what you’re allowed to take. This is a rule when it comes to medication.

Awhile back, I used to work in the hospital and we have to instruct all of our patients on the right ways to take medications. One of the problems was that patients think that the more is the better. This is never the case with medication. The more is not the better. You will have an overdose. Medications are dangerous if you take too many pills. You are allowed the max of four pills per day for most medication. It depends on every single case and if you take anymore than that you should reassess your action. This is why it’s so important to take your medication right and to also counsel your family to take medication right. In the case of Danny Gan, the newspaper reported that it was not from drug abuse but rather an accident. In Michael Jackson’s case, it was from the long years of drug abuse.


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