Who killed Michael Jackson? The conspiracy theories are on.

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Who killed Michael Jackson? The conspiracy theories are on.

Michael Jackson died on 25 June 2009. His heart stopped and the medical staff at the hospital where he was taken confirmed that he died of a cardiac arrest. However this could have been caused by many different factors. Many men his age suffer from sudden deaths; however most have caused their deaths by being overweight or by smoking. In the case of Michael Jackson, these factors were not the case.

Michael Jackson had suffered injuries in the past, and apparently had taken medication and pain killers. It is not known if he was making use of drugs, especially cocaine which could push a person’s reaction to mimic these of a cardiac arrest.

The initial word was that there did not seem to be any foul play. However the family apparently asked for a second post mortem and for a tox-screening (testing for drugs and various toxins). These results may take a few days to a few weeks. But it seems some people can not wait for this.

The truth is that Michael lived a life in extremes, and he did go through a lot. His trials were one of the most dark and most draining parts of his life.

Pic.1. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, mug shot of Michael.

Conspiracy theories are already flooding the internet. And some of them are really making big numbers in Google searches. So …who (or what) killed Michael Jackson?

According to the Kansas City Star, Michael was having a daily dosage of Demerol (a synthetic drug similar to morphine), and apparently he overdosed.

The Herald Sun (Australia) wrote that Uri Geller (the celebrity psychic) attributed Michael’s death to the stress of the forthcoming 50-concert marathon at the O2 Arena in London.

The LA coroner did not declare the death suspicious, and most of the investigation is focused on the Demerol he was allegedly receiving daily.

Others say it was the plastic surgeries that took a toll on his death.

And of course many say that Michael’s death was inevitable after the pressure created by his managers, his debts and the up-keeping of Neverland (around $4 million per annum).


Pic.2. Weekly World News (1994).

Weekly World News wrote an article as back as 1994 where a “Dr. Andy Reiss” wrote that Michael will fake his own death. That is the same “Dr. Andy Reiss” who made an “psychic” investigation of Elvis’ burial site and concluded it was empty. Michael would do that to disappear and get a private life.

Anonther conspiracy theory goes a bit further. According to that theory, the concerts in the UK were a big gumble to make as much money as possible. But Michael was on his way to collapse. More and more drugs and medication were trying to keep him in one piece. At the end he either did not make it or someone “overdosed” him, in order for the insurance companies to cover the potential losses (apparently much of the money banked from the ticket sales have already found their way to offshore accounts).

In one of the conspiracy pages (Weekly World News) a small poll shows that 42% of their readers believe that Michael faked his death and is still alive. Although this poll has no scientific basis, and is not comparable to the entire population of every country, it is indicative of the beliefs of people who are web-surfing for conspiracies.

The day after Michael’s death, Google was overloaded. Twitter crashed and Wikipedia had to “fake” a crash to avoid people updating info on Michael’s death before the information was confirmed by official news channels.

And a few pieces of web statistics.

Search stringHits (pages)

“Michael Jackson”

+”Michael Jackson” +death

+”Michael Jackson” +”conspiracy”

michael jackson died

No matter what the toxicology reports and the post mortems will say – one thing is for sure. The post mortem sales of Michael Jacksons songs (either on CDs, DVDs or in downloading) will create an enormous cash injection to the holders of the song’s copyright.


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