How to Meditate to Relieve Pain and Stress

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Always seek professional help for pain and stress. Meditation can be used in conjunction with your doctor’s care. Pain medication is not always the ideal solution for relieving pain and sometimes may not work effectively. The more you think about you’re illness and how miserable you feel, the more pain you will induce on yourself. Your mind is very powerful and will create any type of ailment you are thinking of. I suggest you use nature sounds along with your meditation session as it will enhance the experience.


To enhance your experience, try purchasing or downloading nature sounds.


Find a comfortable, quiet spot and silence the ringer on your telephone. Get into a comfortable seating or reclined position.

Step3 :

Close your eyes and surround yourself with white healing light. Using diaphragm deep breathing; take a deep breath and imagine white healing light entering the top of your head and flowing through your body, relaxing every part of your body. Hold your breath for 3 counts and slowly exhale out of your mouth releasing all stress and pain.


Repeat step 3 but now also imagine yourself lying on a white sandy beach all by yourself. Listen to the ocean waves breaking against the rocks and jetties along with the sound of seagulls flying over the water. Use your imagination to enhance the experience.

Step5 :

Continue to use diaphragm deep breathing, taking deep breaths and imagining white healing light flowing through your body and relaxing every part of your body. Don’t forget to hold your breath for 3 counts and slowly exhale out of your mouth releasing all stress and pain. Continue your breathing exercise until you’re very comfortable and relaxed.

Step6 :

Resume normal breathing and continue with your guided imagery of lying on the white sandy beach. Use all your senses to feel the mist of the water on your body, the smell of the ocean water, the warmth of the sun on your body, and any other relaxing beach sounds.


Keep all your senses alive and take in your environment so that you don’t fall asleep. When your ready to come back to reality just slowly start thinking of the room your in and then gradually open your eyes. You will feel refreshed and relaxed. Repeat the process as many times you feel necessary.


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