20 Tips for cleaning your house with young children.

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Someone asked how to clean their house when they have little ones, well that all depends.

  • What is your definition of a messy house?
  • Is it a house with clutter, debris or a little of both?
  • Clutter can wait, but debris should be cleaned up in a timely manner.
  • As you discipline yourself and children, clutter can be dealt with as needed.

Keeping your home clean can be a chore and if you have a few little ones 7 and younger, it can be difficult but not at all impossible.

  • The best thing to do is… just DO it & get the children involved.

1.  Use a timer and make a game of it, try beating your previous time, or just help you stay on task.

  • Buy brooms and mops from the dollar store and cut the handles down for them.

2.  Have them clean where you are cleaning.


3.  If you’re in the kitchen, you sweep on one side of the floor and they on the other, then switch sides.

4.  Mopping the same way; once a week or more if needed.

5.  They could also clear off the table

6.  3 year olds and up can put dishes away.

  • Rearrange dishes on lower shelves so the little ones can reach them to put them away (keep knives out of their reach or any other dangerous object)


7.  They could run around picking up things off the floor

8.  Older ones can vacuum, if it’s not done well you can touch up after


9.  They can help dump the trash

10. Fetch toilet paper

11. Sweep the floor while you clean off the counter, sink, mirror


12. Make bed every morning

13. Fold up pj’s put on pillow

14. Pick toys up off floor


15. Toddler can fold underwear and cloth diapers

16. 4+ can fold washcloths & hand towels

17. Everyone else can fold and hang their own clothes and put away

18. Help you sort, load washer and dryer or they can hand you clothes when hanging on the line


19. Keep toys in bins, only take out one at a time and must clean up before next one is out

  • Bin ideas: Blocks, Legos, Duplos, Lincoln Logs, Dolls/doll stuff, dress up, kitchen/play foods, Cars/trucks, Play dough.
  • Every birthday I just request more of the above stuff.

20. If they can not help with something, let them play next to you while you work. This helps to keep the mess down. They can play on a blanket with the above toys. My 3 & 1 year old can play for hours with Duplos…we do have a big bin full though.

  • Singing and music helps…a lot! Have a good attitude, be diligent, faithful, as well as anything else you want to see in your child. Be an example-because you really ARE, and they will follow.
  • I also let my children know that if they help it gives us more time to do fun things like go to the park, library, read, ride bikes etc. they understand such things and would work extra hard so we can spend more time doing fun things together as a family.

Whistle while you work or sing, or whatever…have fun!



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