How to close up your tasks on your computer if it hangs

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Have you ever been in the same position as me? I mean that your PC will just hang up like that without any warning?

I know some folks in the same situation whose only solution is to remove the PC battery immediately in order to shut it off.

I will not suggest removing your PC battery each time it hangs because there is every possibility of damaging the PC and of course it battery faster than you thought.

1)      The moment this problem occurs, DO NOT PANIC.

2)      TAKE A DEEP BREATH and PRESS down these three keys on you keyboard;

3)      Press CTRL + ALT +DELETE (DEL) at the SAME TIME

4)      Instantly, your PC window will change to light marine blue.

5)      The new window will display FIVE OPTIONS.  CHOOSE the FIFTH one called OPEN TASK ADMINISTRATOR.

6)      CLICK on it. A small window will open. There you will see the lists of the works you are doing when the PC hangs. 

7)      To CLOSE the lists, CLICK on each of them one after the other or you can click on the first then press down CTRL + A to select them all.

8)      Once they are selected, look at the three buttons on the below in this small window.

9)      CLICK on the first one titled END TASKS

10)   All the pages you opened on your PC that hung will close immediately and your PC will be restored to normality.

Make sure you save your works (if you are typing so that when this occurs, you won’t have to worry about losing anything.


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