What’s The Hook in Human Resources Outsourcing?

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Do you have any expectations in your human resources department? Are they meeting and delivering your expectations?

In large scale organizations, human resources or HR becomes the gateway to address employees’ personal concerns which may or may not directly involve the company management. However with the massive administrative works it requires in HR, 60-70% of their time is utilized only on processing all these clerical workloads.  So what is left for the employees is just 30-40%.

This is where human resources outsourcing comes in. Though one of the key reasons that lead to the growth of human resources outsourcing is the substantial cost saving opportunity it brings to the company, its advantage transpire also to improving employee satisfaction levels.  This is an apparent optimistic result for eliminating 60-70% administrative works which hinder the HR personnel to serve better their employees.

Human resources outsourcing can range from HR functions to programs. This includes recruitment, hiring, background checking, pension schemes, health benefits, payroll, 401 (k) programs, trainings and other development program needs. Other HR service providers can also provide or develop customized HR software to effectively facilitate HR tasks such as data collection and others. This is very essential for large scale companies with substantial number of employees. Such applications can guarantee a reduced time frame work, effective office system and faster transaction process.

Now HR personnel can divert their 60-70% time and energy to activities with better values to the employees such policy making and reviewing important decisions.

This is the hook as why human resources outsourcing is becoming a hottest trend in HR industry.


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