Need For Speed Undercover Cheats

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Over the years the video game franchise Need for Speed has been one of the top racing titles for auto fans around the world. I remember the old days on the original playstation game console with Hot Pursuit where you had to not only race but also evade police and that title was some serious fun. With Need for Speed Undercover gamers get to take on different parts of the driving world and like most other versions there are some cheats available to liven up the action.

The following are Need for Speed Undercover cheats that are meant to be entered as passwords. In order to unlock $10,000 in the game type in $EDSOC and then for $15,000 enter S1D3K1CK. The 1060 Dodge Charger is one of the coolest vehicles on there and to unlock this you should do qlcukc4bqm. The Ford Mustang GT is one of my favorites and the code for this is i3kxodepfc. Perhaps the most popular vehicle on the game to unlock is the Nissan GT-R and this can be had by doing yp}jwa on the password screen.

Then of course in terms of Need for Speed Undercover cheats there are the gamer achievements. These are points that you gain my meeting certain goals throughout the various modes. For example if you successfully complete 50 pursuits then you will obtain 100 points. Another example is that you can get 40 points for finishing the story mode.

The last thing that I’m gonna mention for Need for Speed Undercover cheats is that there are unlockable challenge series cars. The Battle Machine RX-7, Dominator Corvette Z06 and Speed Machine 911 GT2 are obtainable by winning the first 30 series challenge events, dominating at least 30 series challenge events and winning all 60 series challenge events.


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