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The trends on the internet influence most of us. Even those who haven’t got a computer! “Please visit our home page for more information!” Thank you very much… If you haven’t a computer connected to the World Wide Web you are almost instantly shut off from a great deal. But we are living in some kind of transitional period now. Children nowadays usually get their first computer before they get their first tooth. When I grew up I didn’t know anything about “doubleclicking”, “download” or “kilobyte”. I did however know what “cookie” was, but in my world we ate them. And maybe lost our first tooth at the same time.

Even the language is changing. A rather new verb in our vocabulary is “to google”, i.e. to search the internet for something. If you never heard the expression before it almost sounds like someone just has been sick.
“Oh, did you google? I get you a handkerchief…”

I’m not against computers, not at all. But shouldn’t the real world be a little bit more exciting than the virtual? I definitely think so, but despite of that I find myself in front of the computer screen too often. Why? Simple, I fall for the trends. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, you name it! Click here, do that, register here. I mean, all the stuff I join is interesting! It’s not that. The thing is to sort out and choose a few.

Technology will not go in the opposite direction. Of course not. Computers are important now and will probably be even more important in future. In about twenty years TV will interview people without computer experience on prime time.
“So Mr Baker, you tell me you have never used a computer?”
“That’s perfectly right.”
”If I say Windows, what do you say?”
“Expensive and crashes sometimes?”

Internet is a little like the bargain box in your local store. It’s brightly-coloured but you sure don’t need everything you find.


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