ATM Safety Tips

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People nowadays no longer carry large amount of money everyday.  Others prefer to have credit cards to use for their daily buying activities.  However, there are a lot of disadvantages why many people are discouraged to apply for one. 

Meanwhile, what applies to most people is to carry enough money that can supplement their daily expenses.  Thanks to the accessibility of atm machines; everyone can now withdraw money only when needed.  Having said this, it is important that everyone should also be aware of some safety tips when transacting using the atm machine.

Check the location of the atm machine. 

As much as possible choose an atm machine that has a security guard or within the premise of the bank itself.

If you didn’t have any choice but to withdraw from that isolated area, seek company before going to the vicinity.

If there is a suspicious individual near you, leave at once.

Check the machine

If the machine looks tampered, particularly the cash dispenser or the slot where you insert your card, do not proceed.

Have your card handy

Whether there is a line or not, it is best that you have your card handy once you reach the atm machine area.  Opening you bag or exposing your wallet to the public can tempt those with bad intentions.

Do not expose vital information

When entering your pin number cover the numbers you are using your other hand. 

As much as possible, do not count your money at the machine area; neither should you count it facing everyone.  Don’t worry, 99.99% of the time the money dispensed is accurate.  Well, it’s nice to know that you have enough money to withdraw from your account but better keep it to yourself; otherwise, that might disappear in just a wink of an eye. 

Not to mention, don’t forget to get the receipt and your atm card after your transaction.

Seek no assistance

Never accept help from a stranger. 

Respect Privacy

You must also understand that it is not only you who are taking extra effort to protect the privacy of your financial information.  So when lining up, as a sign respect, keep enough distance away from the person presently transacting on the atm machine.  Two to three feet away is ideal.

Always make it a habit to apply all these suggestions.  It’s a guarantee; you’ll never go wrong with these safety measures.


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