How to Never Make a Sale as an Affilitate Marketer

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to persuade people to purchase the product that you are affiliate marketing. This may seem simple enough, but there are common, careless mistakes that lots of newbies to affiliate marketing commit. Poor web copy, belittling their prospective buyers and the lack of search engine optimization are the three affiliate marketing mistakes we will be discussing today. If you want to make an income from affiliate marketing, learn from these mistakes and never commit them.

Poor Copy

The very first sentence that you read of this article says “As an affiliate marketer, your job is to persuade people to purchase the product that you are marketing. Let’s pretend that you stumbled upon a website that is clearly an affiliate marketing website. The affiliate marketing website has 12 typos and looked as if it were created by someone in a third world country. Would you purchase anything from this affiliate marketing website? Chances are you wouldn’t. Don’t give your web page visitors a reason to not purchase your affiliate product. Affiliate marketing is dependant on properly written web copy. The simplest way to avoid turning prospective buyers off is by creating professional quality copy for your affiliate marketing websites.

Wrong Tone

Assuming that you have done your homework, you know who your target audience is, right? If your affiliate marketing product is a skateboard ramp, don’t write in a pretentious manner. The key to writing effective copy is speaking to your audience as if you are their friend and understand them, not belittling them. Tone, is where most affiliate marketers fail. Affiliate marketers are under the impression that if they use big words they will be perceived as intelligent. What is the use of being perceived as intelligent, if your target audience will not understand your words? Don’t belittle your prospective customers; speak to them in a casual and a tone that is appropriate to their age group. What is more important to you, appearing educated and intelligent or making a sale?

Lacking Optimization

Search engine optimization is an affiliate marketer’s best friend. Affiliate marketing is much easier when people land on your webpage because they voluntarily search for the product you are offering. Optimizing your web copy to meet the Google search engine standards will bring your affiliate marketing websites tons of targeted traffic. Why don’t more affiliate marketers apply search engine optimization to their affiliate marketing web pages? Because they are lazy and don’t want to put in the effort. Make time to master search engine optimization and you just may have a shot at succeeding in affiliate marketing.

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