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Day laborer an average Net surfer sees that much the �to obtain rich rapid � plots. Are these arrangements reliable? Such an arrangement is �the easy benefit of Google , using the most popular name in the Internet �Google �.

The Council of Google

  • sites Make-money-rapids: The offer of sites �money fast cash with Google � or has �kit of success of Google � this promise a fast male if you unite their arrangements or wages for theirs �the kits in line � does not have anything to make with Google. The users say to us that their services imply many hidden expenses. You point out that, generally if something seems too good to be true, it is probably.
  • Lottery of Google: The users said to us about a common swindle of email in which they �on the subject known as of them �the VE gained has � lottery of Google � or another reward. Afflicted — there ‘s no lottery of Google.
  • Look outside for refusals on the sites which seem to be, but aren �T, affiliated with recognizable Google or other marks: These refusals usually appear in bottom of the using page of the variations of the language of� GOOGLE is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. We are not a associate,or a dealer of Google Inc., nor is our company in a any other way formally related to Google Inc.


The next stage would be to find the flow of so-called �the benefit easy of Google�. On such bonds clicking on on top will lead you to another site asking you to pay $1.97for has �kit of Google �. The doesn of Google ‘t approves or supports such arrangements.

Names of loan

Let us ask at Google some answers. �The first bond at Google indicates that this one is because any other arrangement is a swindle. Same arrangement appears in many of other not-asserted or false bonds. The bonds contain the key words the news of gazette of Miami, Atlanta Tribune, news of Strait Platform,swindle of work of my space news of herald of Philadelphia.


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