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Background Syed Mokhtar

– Age – 53 years
– Education – SPM
– At trade – 19 years (sale and purchase of oxen and water buffalo)
– Property – RM1, 425 million
– Go 7 richest in Malaysia
– Go 32 richest in Southeast Asia (Forbes)
– Between syarikat own – MMC, Port of Tg .. Release, Bernas, Gardenia, DRB-HICOM and the Bank Muammalat
– Train – Proton Perdana
– Donations social-Al-Bukhary Foundation, for research institutions 3.000
students, Muzium Kesenian Islam, Al-Bukhary Complex, menaja class tuisyen
for Malay students, pengindahan Masjid Negara, donated RM1 million for
Tsunami tube and sponsors each year that delivery people Malaysia
not able to actualize Hajj.

– How social donations began
When his mother told to give part elaun (RM750.00) first
syarikat rice as a referrer to the neighbor that is difficult. Some more
(RM750.00) save his mother. In addition, his mother also told him
kerosen to take light-suraus suraus to illuminate the activities throughout
Ramadan nights. From there bermulalah formation and generally
Syed Mokhtar thought that we recognize today.

1. There is reason why I work as there is no tomorrow. Social agenda and
work-work that is among the kemasyarkatan. I want to leave
heritage to children who remained in the nation.

2. (regarding who know) why no other nation but a Malay
communicating with people a little bit political. But the problem we do not
want through tribulation; many who want to consort with the happy people
purely political.

3. There is no any mysteries. I am the servant of God always, loom types of slaves
also all the relatives. God made man is the same only. Process
maturity that I membezakannya. I believe that whoever shall be a
is only as long as they strive with earnest. But surely it takes
period. There is no way short.

4. I recognize my strengths and weaknesses. What is not able to make
I will ask other people habituate-tengokkan. My road through the difficult
but that is the way everlasting.

5. We need to use their kepakaran (Chinese) because they are far
more developed and advanced than us. What we understand less than we
to share with the goal to study with them. When understood
we can maintain the new interest us.

6. I am sad to see the school system in the shack Kedah. I have ideals
want memodenkan school hut. We get ahead.

7. I’m involved in this commerce because I no other choice.

8. To promote commerce, indeed a lot of patience and a strong attempt.

9. There is no way short. I learned about this since some small
again, and I also usually be deceptive.

10. I also like the luxury. I also love to habituate the world, to Tokyo, New
York and London. I also love to wear elegant clothes. But we want bermewah
setakat which, would use a lot of clothes which, in the sleepy
home one night, trying to eat any where larat?.

11. In this life we actually do not have status, have the above, there
period below.

12. When God gives us the luxury, we get down to the bottom, habituate
everywhere who may be assisted. God gave us through the provision for our
What other people. A provision that when the time-when he could take back. If
there are corporate people who do not want Melayu come down may be because
shadow money is more powerful than the other.

13. Corporate China come down to help. Chinese people have various
unity. We do not have, if there is broken to. Malay people, we’re not
want cooperation because jealousy over oneself. Never not want
try, when other people try them angry.

14. The provision was for other people. Indeed, in terms of the law
even so. We get out charity and disposition. But many charity disposition
which is very. Islam the religion of justice, he requested a little time. Thus, if
there is more money that he should be well spent.

15. My story is not if I did not create all this. I can not make
nothing and back to Alor Star. But I think life is useless. Guy
Kedah word die later if the meeting does not close because the responsibility
front of our eyes does not make. Other people take our wealth, we take the right
and use us, we still do not make anything.

16. I have emotional attachment to the religion, nation and the ummah. I
individualistik not. I do not self-important. Rank and title of this
not important to me.

17. I’m sad I like tonjolkan media. I am ashamed because the Chinese
rich beratus-ganda hundred times than me. But I know the Malay
if successful would not be strong about working day and night. We have
god give the strength of the nation than others. But to advance
we need to try.

18. My home than there is nothing. What I do not know me
study, requested help from the people. I’m not ashamed. I rather
steal. My own business. Faineant-conscious attitude and this is the Malay
atasi wrong. Because we dare to be true. If we can benefit
and more food, so-so we help people.

19. Rich is not the self. It is the rich collection of
this commerce, to the nation and to the crowd. I only
only for temporary holding.

20. I no desire to save this property for the children and
wife. This money will not be eternal. I believe only the good things
we lakukakan akan eternal. Not the money that will protect me later
but what I do now.

21. I need to continue to explore the opportunities and some others that we continue
bantu people can develop themselves each. I am not a
all this for myself solely.

22. There is also a business, but I can not and people do not know. What
I can so that the problem kononnya Syed Mokhtar broom all. Nation
others hold various interests in economics, who said what was not.
This problem Malay. In the Malay kampung broken to the political,
broken to the drain because this (wang).

23. I believe that if a provision of God to give me it’s not for
me but also for many people. People do not know that many syarikat
I have failed and this does not forward them to me but people do not know.

24. Many people believe that he must have RM10 million or RM20 million
in the hands of a new life can be survived. This caused them to float
rather than helping other people. They are more takutkan themselves. They
forget that the property can not help forever.

25. People said I takda lot of money but debt. People trade which
no debt. But it would have to know how to borrow and pay
initially. There are ways we can make. But before RM100 million of debt must
I would have thought back pay. Must have responsibility.
Many people want happy, but not many who want the responsibility.

26. (get the feeling every time provision). I said this person Kedah,
lebai frog is not lebai hut. But I know this principle. If you want
I have continued from the gods. God gave man reason and thought. If
would wear clothes and let seluar border with the body.

27. Perolehi joy that I come with this responsibility (if
borrow and pay back a charity). If you want to compare with
other nations, some I do not have this. But even though few
but that there is little berkatnya.

28. I like the little favors that I can be that other people may
to share the same.

29. I sometimes disappointed and sad to see children who pietist
sesetengahnya forget themselves after obtaining property. I was the same as
other people would like to foreign countries but we must not forget the grave
we and our origin. In the village we may have a neighbor-neighbor
need assistance.

30. …… if not I may have to be Haatyai and unprincipled. I
people who make a lot of error. But I realize, and beristighfar
road again. Since the beginning I have kesedaran want our rights as eternalize

31. I said to yourself because if I was forced to make
why does not the least.

32. God gave this property to me for me helping other people
also. I believe in the blessing provision. Today we help people,
the day after tomorrow will help us also with the way the other.

33. Even if not able to wait 34 years like I give a little
time to understand some selok turn, may Allah forward.

34. We do not despair quickly. Despair, but can be quick
reinforced the spirit to rise back. Do not make religion only
a place for us when we rely so. Responsibility of worship
is the task of the day.

35. Lifestyle? I do not have a lifestyle that go there and kelab
here. But should not I can not go down to kelab. Malay
if want to come must have a flexible way of life, and may increase

36. This is a lifestyle disease. I normally use but Mercedes
now I use a Proton Perdana to support the national coach. Train the
was enough for me to take it everywhere.

37. There is no reason why the Malays should not be developed. I dare
any war with any. Malay may be ahead. If you do so
journalist brother is planting the spirit of a day later want take over
akhbar this. There is no reason why he should not be applicable ..

38. The triumph and the weaknesses Malay was not caused by our nation
and our religion. He was hooked with the attitude and the way we think. Persistent,
diligent and not easy to despair is the key to our success. But things
is less manifest in the way people think Malay.

39. God gives opportunity to anyone who is working strong. What is
This is only on my business. If my child may loom types, there is no
for others, especially those from the weekend may not be.

40. We do not always repeat usahlah-back things that may give
negative psychological effect of the Malay (and home of the train). We
kurangkan be talking about the train and the big mansion. Whoever is
want use the train was not luxurious but matlamatnya.

41. Malay is actually a self-help, is working hard
and focus.

42. Attitude merendah themselves need to always have someone in self-despite
at any of the triumph achieved.

43. What do I make this (work-social work) than all begins
nurture my own parents.

44. My own debt, while trade and make charity donations.
I do not want wait out the new debt would make all of this. I fear
debt discharged if I was dead and never had anything I make.

45. My usual course. My life is not changed, thus from the first. I
accept any favors given by God. Not have a glass of water,
have half a glass I was grateful.

46. If a little help because they live and pass peperiksaan
they become better, I have been happy. I can not make
much. Alhamdulillah, it is better to not make a bit of a

47. No interest for me to buy a sail boat or aircraft. I think
if I buy something, let people be busy life. I like that
I buy something expensive, many people let life be.

48. I’m happy to help. I want other people tasted (fun)
what I was feeling. I know how perasaanya. I said to
myself, what I can I must give other people the same merasainya.
Do not give less, why not more. That makes my heart seronok.

49. I think I want to contribute more than this. I said to
colleagues this new warm-up only; we have not run again.

50. I think we are too much behind.

To the children of mothers …..

“Wealth and children pinak object was in the jewelry world, and deeds
soleh eternal good is better in the sight of thy Lord as a reward
response, and better as the basis of promising ”

(Surah Al-Kahfi: Paragraph 46)


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