How to diet like a Cave Man

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How to begin the Cave Man Diet

My doctor says we can all live off the fat of the land

If you are like me you can stand to loose a few pounds. My doctor always tells me that we can all live off the fat of the land as he pats his stomach.

According to Dr. Riewe most of us need to go on the Cave Man Diet, but what does he really mean???

He says that “if a cave man didn’t have it you can’t either….”

So what exactly is a Cave Man Diet?

We should be eating more fresh Vegetables.

fresh Vegetables are an essential part of the Cave Man Diet

We should try to eat fresh instead of canned or processed vegetables.
Vegetables an important source of essential vitamins and minerals.
Beta Carotene in Carrots helps your eyes, Lycopene in tomatoes helps your immune system and there are many more reasons that we should consider adding more Vegetables to our diet.
Vegetables are our number 1 source of water soluble vitamins and fiber to aid digestion.
Vegetables also contain slower release sugars and starches or have a lower glycemic index than processed foods. This means that they help to maintain more stable blood sugar levels in the body to reduce your risk of developing Diabetes.
Cooked vegetables have reduced levels or these essential nutrients as most people throw them out along with the water, also Vegetables that are cooked Al dente’ retain more nutrients than ones that have been processed or cooked to death.
Steamed vegetables hold more of their vitamins so they are far healthier than canned or commercially frozen vegetables that are not only cooked to death but also full of salt and preservatives.

The majority of what you should eat for the Cave Man Diet should come from this food group

My doctor Surmises that Cave Men ate more in the way of leafy greens than any other vegetable, and that other fresh Vegetables probally also comprised the majority of their diets.

Fresh fruits in season are another essential part of a Cave Man Diet

Eat plenty of fresh fruits, not frozen or canned with syrup.
Fresh fruits in season, are a great source of natural sugars. These natural sugars take more time to be digested and also enter the blood stream at a slower rate than do refined sugars.
They are also a natural source of vitamins and some minerals as well as necessary fiber to aid in digestion.
This does NOT mean you should eat processed frozen fruits, nor does it mean drinking juices.
1 serving of a fruit is more filling than 1 serving’ s worth of juice
You should also be eating more fruits than Whole Grains but less fruits than Vegetables.
Fruits were probably harder to find and more seasonal in nature than Vegetables, so they should have been consumed during the spring to fall season when they were at their peak. But it is possible that Cave Men dried fruits to be eaten during the colder winter months for quick energy. The key here is that they would have eaten a variety of fruits in season and then sparingly eaten dried fruits during the winter months.

Whole grains are a must with the Cave Man Diet

Use whole grains whenever possible.
Avoid heavily processed foods and foods containing white flour, bleached or unbleached doesn’t matter if you are to do well on the Cave Man Diet you must avoid processed grains!
It is doubtful that Cave Men processed wheat or other grains and it is considered to have been a very small part of their diets.

Nuts however would have been gathered and dried for use during lean times, so a handful of nuts every now and then although considered a high fat food should be just fine.

Lean meats.
Since Cave Men had to hunt for their food and their primary meat items were animals that had grown accustomed to being chased down and eaten instead of just grazing there waiting for someone to just come by and take a bite…. the animals had to be lean.
These animals ran for their very lives unlike our modern day livestock. As a result even red meat was healthy then but no longer. So a modern day Cave Man must instead look for other healthy meat alternatives such as chicken, fish, rabbit, and game.
Corn fed beef is out... since Cave men did not have access to such a high fat and unhealthy choice for their stone age tables.

Rabbit if you can find it is a far healthier choice for a table meat than any other lean meat. It is higher in protein and has better nutrition than other commercially raised farm animals.
The modern day cave man must be more careful in their meat selections than our cave dwelling cousins did.


Cave men did not have the luxury of juices
They did not have Soda, Beer, Coffee or other beverages

They drank WATER

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water

Studies show that frequently, we feel hungry when in fact we are really thirsty!
If you no longer feel hungry after that glass of water… guess what?

Cave men did not eat by the clock and neither should we!

If you are hungry you must exercise before eating!
When a cave man became hungry he did not go to the pantry and grab a can of soup… He had to go out and hunt the game and vegetables to become his meal first!

Exercise first, eat second!

If you did not first exercise you don’t get to eat!

One of the biggest mistakes we make today as modern day Cave Men is to eat by the clock instead of our hunger!

So you wake up in the morning and pop that piece of toast in the toaster and slather it with butter… WHAT??? NO!

When you get up and get active.
When you wake up in the morning, take a walk then, once you have worked up an appetite, eat a healthy breakfast with a good quality protien included.

12:00 lunch time…
Take another walk or do some aerobic exercise.
Get that heart pumping then, sit down to lunch when you are hungry.
If you are not hungry… Don’t eat!

5PM dinner time!
Nope, again if you do not exercise you can NOT eat!
Do not eat just because it is dinner time … Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are satisfied, NOT FULL!

Modern Day Cave Men have far too many food choices.
Take a tip from our cave dwelling ancestors and stay healthy

Avoid processed foods, they have too much sugar and little nutrition
Avoid Processed and refined Sugars, they convert too quickly in our digestive system and lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
Avoid white and refined flours… They too are processed too heavily and are nutrient deficient… think Devoid!
Avoid fatty meats… A Cave Man ate Prey, prey ran for their lives!
Eat grains in moderation
Fruits should also be eaten in moderation
Avoid juices, you get more nutrition and the benefit of a fuller stomach by eating the whole food
Drink water instead of other beverages, no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial coloring or additives

Tips & Warnings

  • Be a modern day Cave Man and become a healthier person
  • Eating the way we all do is bad for our health and our waistlines!
  • The majority of Americans are overweight
  • Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease are all results of a poor diet!

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