How to Bake Cookies in the car

How to Bake Cookies in Your Car

yes, you can bake cookies in your car! Think of the smell…yummy

Bake cookies in the car???

yes, you read correctly.

It is a well known fact that during hot summer days the temperatures inside a closed vehicle soars to well over 140 degrees!

This is why they tell you to never leave children or pets inside your car even with the windows cracked during the warm to hot months of spring ~ summer ~ and in some places fall.

As an experiment to show just how hot a car can really get during the summer, I dare you to bake cookies!

Yes, you really can bake cookies and even cakes inside your car during the summer!

Let me show you how.

park your car facing the sun

Yes, make sure to park your car in direct sun, hopefully with the windshield pointing at the sun, you want it to  get good and hot in there.

Take a reflective windshield shade and place it along your dashboard shiny side up.

Not up against the window but rather laying flat along the dash

Roll up the windows

close the door

Lets Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies…yum yum. my personal favorite!

prepare your favorite cookie recipe and place cookies on baking sheets Just as you  usually would, then…

Take cookies on the baking sheets out to the car.

By this time you should get a nice blast of hot air when you open the car door.

Place the prepared baking sheets on top of your reflective windscreen shade making sure that your raising cookies do not touch your windshield or slide over the edges of the baking sheet and onto your reflective mat.

Close the car doors

Check your cookies after an hour or so to see if they are done.

When done remove from car and place the next sheet of cookies on the dash.

Once cooled you and your family can enjoy fresh baked cookies without the use of electricity or natural gas or fossil fuels.

Free cooking. what’s better than that???

Now you can enjoy that fresh baked cookie smell in your car on your way to work.

  • depending on how hot it is outside your cookies can take from a half hour to 4 hours or more to bake.
  • Be sure to use hot hands or oven mitts when taking those baking sheets out of the car!
  • Now in all seriousness the point here is that if you can bake cookies in your car…. And You Can… You should NEVER leave children or pets alone inside your car even for a minute, as the temperatures can quickly soar to dangerous levels and cause serious injury and even death!

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