Have you ever just wanted to get back at that online scammer?

How to Scam an Internet Scammer freecourselol-main_Thumb.jpg There are scams by the thousands online and elsewhere.

We have all seen it, you post something for sale on Craigslist, an online classifieds or in the paper and you get more responses from the scammers than real people who are interested in what you have offered for sale.

Have you ever wanted to just scam one of those scammers back?

With a little creativity and a twisted sense of humor, you can make a scammer pay!

  1. Step 1 internetscam_Thumb.jpg Internet scams are everywhere but have you ever wanted to scam one back?

    First things first.
    You need to have a real item to sell, after all you must pick and choose your scammer to get a pay back from, but you do not want to hurt someone who is truly interested in your item for sale.
    You are out to sell the item but if you get a bite from a scammer, it is time to spring into action

    In this case we were offering a computer for sale when we were emailed by a scammer. We sold the computer to a legit buyer, but the following steps are how we scammed this particular scammer.

  2. Step 2 flyawaycash_Thumb.jpg If you are not aware of how these scammers operate you can loose big money when the deal closes

    Recognise the scam
    Typical scammers offer you more money than you are asking for the item. They do this to try to cash in on your greed and make you less likely to blow them off.
    They may offer you more money in the form of a cashiers check or in this case an online escrow company that does not exist. Sometimes they ask you to take out a certain amount for yourself and then “trust” you to send them back the difference.
    They often say that they are in the US but are buying it for their niece, nephew or some other relative that lives outside the country. Or they say that they are a US resident that is living in another country while on a religious retreat, sabbatical, or praise and worship and that they need you to send it to them in this other country.
    They often have poor English skills and frequently misspell words.

  3. Step 3 frontofcomputer_Thumb.jpg This is the front of the computer that we prepared for our scammer

    Once the scam was identified and you have chosen your target it is time to set the scene.
    Appear to cooperate with the scammer as if you are excited about selling your item to them.
    They will usually choose to use an escrow service of their choice which is of coursenot a real or legitimate company.
    They will notify you that payment has been sent, and you will receive notification from their escrow service stating that you will need to provide proof that the item was sent before they will authorise the payment be released to you.
    Have the scammer arrange shipping of the item to themselves. This way you will not have to pay for shipping.
    Print out the shipping label and invoice.

  4. Step 4 FedExShippingLabelthumb_Thumb.jpg print the shipping label and invoice to be sure of destination

    Once you have the shipping label and invoice you need to verify that they are asking you to send the item out of the country. By this I mean the Continental US as they some times use US Territories as addresses for their scams to fool you.

  5. Step 5 internalcomponants_Thumb.jpg internal componants of our custom made scammers version Dell XP

    Prepare the computer for your scammer
    In this case we created computer components out of cardboard and used a marker to give it a computer feel… LOL
    Then box it up and take it to your local shipper, for some reason this scammer chose FEDEX as the shipper.
    Even the counter person at FEDEX knew that this destination smelled of scam but we let them in on the fun!

Tips & Warnings

  • Make absolutely certain that you are dealing with a scammer, you do not want to do this to an innocent person.
  • Beware of any emails once the package has arrived at it’s destination, this scammer tried to send us a VIRUS for our little trick!
  • Do not place ads for items you have no interest in selling

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