Where Did Friday the 13th Originate From?

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Every time somebody looks at the calendar they will make a specific notice of Friday the 13th. This is a date for whatever reason that people give special focus and attention. But where did Friday the 13th originate from and start all this frenzy? Well here today we are gonna spend some time and discuss the topic and try to answer the questions surrounding this event.

According to the past documents the logic of this event started in 1911 and became public knowledge reaching the national media in 1953. The train of thought is that the number 13 is considered to be the unluckiest number and Friday is considered to be the unluckiest day. Something else that is thought about is how the number 12 is often considered to be a pure number because there were 12 apostles, hours on a clock, months, signs of the zodiac, gods of Olympus and of course 12 in a dozen. So naturally the next number could be seen as impure by some people.

I’d think that the short answer to where did Friday the 13th originate from would be American superstition. There really isn’t any mention of that specific date and day together being seen as bad or evil before 1911 so it seems Americans made up the whole situation. The interesting thing is that due to fear it has become one of the safer days for people to go out in terms of accidents and crimes. It seems that some people are so afraid that they stay home making the amount of incidents lower in the process.

I hope this answered your question about where did Friday the 13th originate from and made you more informed on the subject. Keep in mind the next time it rolls around that it’s actually one of the safer days on the calendar.


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