How to Find The Right Color For You (Am I Blue?)

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Time to go shopping (you don’t have to buy anything)
  • A sense of adventure
  • An open mind
  1. First you must understand the colors we have in the seasons. Each season has a representation of colors. As a quick guide here is the following.

    Summer-white, darker pastels (don’t go neon on us), purples and olive green as examples
    Fall-russets, browns, gold, (don’t over do it Mr. T), reds and orange (again no neon orange unless your in construction)
    Winter-silvers,blue, black (in modest amounts, we don’t want you looking like it’s a funeral)
    Spring-coral, lighter pastels, yellows daring and bright

  2. Now understanding the seasonal colors brings us to you- We need to answer the question, “What season am I?”. To do this here is a quick guide.

    Skin tones and color guide-as a guide not a given

    Golden is greens
    Beige is blues
    Fair is grey
    Bronze is pinks or orange
    Dark is reds

  3. Skin tone plays a significant part-in what looks best on you.
    Try going to a store and placing some different shirts up against your chest in the mirror.
    Look at your eyes, your chin. Try different colors-I guarantee you will notice when your eyes are highlighted, or dim.
    Your skin looks more radiant or looks more pale in this quick test. Never mind you might just find that perfect shirt.

  4. Now for multi-color shirts, try to ensure the primary color (the most color) is your season or type. If you look good in orange, then an orange and white shirt might just be the ticket.

    Don’t over-do it. If purple looks good on you, try variants of the color-
    Don’t go MC Hammer on us and wear all one color suits, variety is good and one color suits highlighted with another color work best!


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