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Getting started!

ok so the most simple way of earning a little extra cash flow is building a website. There is very little you require to build a website and most everything you need is available free on the Internet. In other words, you don’t need to spend huge sums of money purchasing expensive software packages, programming manuals or web server space.  You just need to know where to start.

First you need a clear idea of what you cant your site to be about. Many people build home pages as a hobby, purely for their own personal development. Others build them to promote business, social, cultural, humanitarian, or business objectives. Your site should be about something you know alot about or are intrested in. You should also think about who you want to visit your site, who your aduance will be. are you going to be selling things? inform people on news? teach people new things? or just express your thoughts?

making of the site

step 2 on this journy is actualy creating and designing your website. this will be the hardest part for people with little computer skills. Will you use graphics, animation or music? How will the text be structured and which fonts will be used?  How will visitors navigate through your site?  those questions should be answered when making your site, also maintain the same theme and conventions throughout your site. The most important part of your website is content. your writings should add value and make the visitor want to return. Go over your sites objectives and your target audience and make sure your message suits that audience. Don’t  spelling and grammar!!  (just because mines bad doesnt mean your’s should be =P) word repetition,  and titles are good tricks to use.

you should make a new folder on your computer just for holind your websites HTML files and graphics and such.

Download HTML editor

so at this point your going to need to download an HTML editor. google is certainly your friend here. An HTML editor is tool that generates a computer program in HTML using a sophisticated word processor. you can buy a really nice one or find a good free one it doesnt really matter. (i use adobe dreamweaver cs4) These  programs can help you create very attractive and easy-to-maintain websites.

Once the HTML editor is installed, you are ready to begin construction. The first thing to do is to orient yourself to the HTML editor. Most products have good tutorial and “help” features that will explain how to use the tool.

Find a web server

once your site is created you need to find a web sever to publish it on. there are expensive ones – avoid those, free ones, not to sure you’ll make money with thoses… and cheap ones under 10$ When you register for web hosting services, you will be sent instructions on how to upload files to the web server. The web host will also provide you with a user ID and password so that other people can’t access or alter your files. they will show you how to upload your files to there servers


THIS IS THE KEY   you need people coming to your site to make money. you can register your site at spesific search engines like google or yahoo.  Alternatively, you can use a URL submission service to register your site with multiple search engines at once.

now use google adsense! or any other adds.  this is how you make money. once your website has alot of traffic to it if you have adds up on the sides or in the middle, once they click on it you get paid! its that simple. the more traffic = more clicks = more $$$ so keep your site interesting and goodluck!!


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