Freddy vs Jason 2 The Rematch

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After the very first movie matching up two of the top horror masters the fans have been eagerly awaiting Freddy vs Jason 2 the rematch. Today we talk about the details involved and what could possible be expected in the future for each franchise in terms of this showdown. You have to keep in mind the different directions that each franchise has taken in the last year and what role that plays as well.

The first showdown ended with Jason Vorhees leaving the water with Freddy Krueger’s head in his hands but that wink let and laugh as the credits rolled let everyone know it was far from over. But how would Freddy vs Jason 2 the rematch play out and with what storyline? The popular belief is that a sequel could end up becoming the two working as a team in the beginning and then ultimately ending up as another showdown.

The company involved with Freddy vs Jason 2 the rematch did have a script and possible movie in the works but it was scrapped. I would imagine that the biggest reason was the newly released Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies that are coming out in 2009. These films would make the storyline difficult to keep up with and stay in line with the originals but then again when has that ever been a problem in the past.

Of course there is also always the hope to see another figure such as Leatherface or Michael Myers into the mix but that involves other companies and contracts such as the actors for those roles. If you’re a fan waiting for the rematch just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.


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