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First you need to figure out how much you spend either weekly or monthly on food and then figure out how much you are spending in funds from your bank account or from other banks in the form of cash or withdrawals from the ATM. Now you need to figure out how much your are spending on food when you eat out at a restaurant  and pull your bank card out and use it to pay for the meal plus the tip. Then you need to figure out when you just don’t have enough money in your bank account and you still go out and eat and you pull out that discover  card or master card or American express or the reliable visa card.Now after you have figured out how you have spent all your cash or credit from all of the sources I have mentioned you may be surprised how much you really do spend on food weekly or monthly.Now you can concentrate on ways that you can save on how much you spend. Now there is many ways to cut back on how much you spend but still more food for you dollar.

 A) If you eat off the dollar menu three times a day from any of the local fast food places for all seven days in the week and you eat two of the choices off that menu and then order water in a cup to drink. Your total for that week is $ 91.56  9% sales tax included

B) The next seven days try to eat at places were kids eat free and you eat for a $ 6.54 9% if you eat at these places twice a day and order water to drink sales tax included. Your total is $ 99.80. Not much saved for the second week

C) The third week if you want to eat out again and this time you and your spouse eat out once a day for the seven days. Now here is how you save money doing this you go anywhere you want to but when you are your spouse orders from the menu order the dish with the most vegetables and the biggest cut of meat and then you both order water to drink. Say you spend $ 10.00 + $ 4.65 tip for a total of $ 14.65 with the 9% sales tax included. Your total for this week is $ 105.55

D) The fourth week you decide you have ate out enough for the month so this week you go spend $ 200 at the local grocery store for the week and try to buy things you can get more than one meal out of and of course drink water from the tap.

Let’s use the figures below for example

 Spend monthly now        Weekly now                                          

  1. $ 600.00                                $ 100.00  =       $ 1000.00 monthly   For Food

In the above example you spent $ 1000.00

Now by my monthly example if you want to try it you can save.

$ 1000.00 What you were spending monthly – $ 496.91 is the total of my example = $ 503.09 in savings

Keep in mind the above article is only a example of what you may be able to save.


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