How to change our cars air filter

One of the main reasons that most people take on the task of changing their own car air filter is to save money. Changing the air filter is not really all that challenging. It is something that has to be dealt with on a regular basis. Check your air filter often. It is essential to the running condition of your car. You can do this at home without the aid of a professional mechanic.

Naturally, a few basic tools will be required to change the air filter. Try to have a few different types of screwdriver on hand. A Phillips is going to be necessary so make sure you have one. You do not have to go out and purchase an expensive screwdriver set. You can find them relatively cheap and cheap ones will work just fine for this job. Never attempt this while your car is still hot. Allow the engine significant time to cool before you begin.

Start by looking in your car’s user manual if you are uncertain as to where the air filter is located. It is usually found near the top of the engine, often in a black casing of some kind. In some cars it will be off to the side of the engine instead. The filter itself which is inside the black casing is actually yellow or orange. Take a moment to note how filthy the filter is. If you have trouble accessing the filter, this may be due to the casing that it is inside. The large metal clips holding it in place can be pried off with a butter knife or screwdriver. Be very careful though when doing this.

After removing the old, dirty filter, simply toss it away. Replace it with a new one, which you should already have with you. You can buy air filters at any auto parts store. Be sure to get the one that is made for your make and model of car though. They are not all the same. If you absolutely have to, you can drive your car without the air filter but do not do it for a great distance or length of time. Your car needs to have a clean air filter to function properly.

There are definitely a few advantages to changing your own air filter. It is certainly much cheaper than paying a mechanic to do the job for you. The cost of a filter is only a small portion of what a visit to a professional would cost. It is a good idea to make changing your air filter a regular routine. Most people opt to change the air filter when they are changing the oil. It is best to have it all fresh and ready to go at one time. When you cannot see what goes on beneath the hood of your car, it is much easier to become neglectful. Having a clogged air filter could lead to further issues if it is not taken care of. Save yourself money and hassle later by dealing with it now.

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