Should cell phones be banned in restaurants?

Should cell phones be banned in restaurants?

Restaurants are meant for dining. After entering a restaurant, first of all we take a convenient seat. Then after having a peep into a menu card, we call a bearer from the restaurant, order for our favorite menus and wait for it. When we are served with the delicacies we ordered for, we take our own time, ate them so casually. Normally we go to a restaurant either with our family or our friends. Again restaurant is also a place meant for celebration and treat. Therefore, it goes without saying going to a restaurant is not only to dine with but also to while away our time in the company of our family or friends and it is a time consuming process.

Cell phones or mobile phones are gadgets meant for the people on the move which invariably accompany them and keep them abreast of any latest news or information.

Now let us again come back to the restaurant. When an entire family or a coterie of friends spend a few hours in a restaurants it is always advisable to permit them to have this modern gadget, thereby enabling them to receive any incoming call by any member of the family or keeping them in a position to keep in touch with the out side world in case of any emergency. It is after all their privilege and no one has any right to curtail them. In the name of etiquette let us not make a restaurant a mausoleum where we have to strictly adhere to silence. Again in a restaurant we can always hear the sound of crackling plates, spoons, cups and chaucers. Then why not cell phones?

Again cell phones have nowadays become handy and very small. Some times it is even difficult to find out whether a person has a cell phone or not. To such an extent the cell phones have become so small and compact. Perhaps the main reason put forth by the people who are in favor of banning a cell phone in a restaurant is their ring tone. A cell phone has a lot of inbuilt devices to increase or reduce the volume of ring tone or we can completely silence a cell phone by putting it in a silence mode along with vibrator. There is also a provision for switching of a cell phone, whenever and wherever one wants it. Then there is no question of banning a cell phone. It is a clear breach of privilege into a person’s legitimate right of using a cell phone.

Therefore, in the name of dining etiquette people are unduly worrying about cell phone and their call for banning a cell phone inside a restaurant is rather unwarranted, uncalled for and absolutely unjustified.

After all etiquette are man-made and they should not trample upon the legitimate rights of the people who have a passion for cell phones.

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