Should bodybuilding be made compulsory for students?

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Should bodybuilding be made compulsory for students?

Body building is a special skill and a feature developed by the people who are very much interested in it. We can see body builders only rarely since it is a special skill and to become a body builder it requires sustained efforts on the concerned persons by way of doing exercises rather strenuously in a methodical way and taking enormous nutritious diets since body building requires a greater amount of energy what we call calories. Moreover, in order to have nutritious and calorie rich diets, the body builders have to spend heavily.

Considering all the above mentioned features of a body builder, they are essentially within the ambit of adult persons, who are earning and who can spend a significant portion of their income for the cause of their body building.

Whereas the students are first of all not independent persons and they depend upon either their parents or guardians for their food, dress and shelter and also for their educational expenses and any other extra-curricular activities. Bodybuilding being a specialized physical sport involves additional expenses, skill, stamina and practice and the student community have to naturally seek additional resources for such expenses from their parents or guardians or they have to work extra to bear the additional expense that is incurred in the body building. Moreover, body building also requires a special coaching from a body building expert involving additional cost.

Therefore, it goes without saying, a student who concentrates more on bodybuilding has to devote more time, get a specialized coach from a body building expert incurring a considerable amount of expenditure. But a students’ main concern when he is a dependant of his parents or a guardian is to concentrate on his or her studies and qualify for a degree in his or her chosen field.

On the other hand if bodybuilding is made compulsory for students, it will consume their energy and other resources and the physical strain that he or she undergoes even divert or distract his or her main attention from his or her studies.

Moreover, some of the students may not be fit for bodybuilding because physically and constitutionally they may not be fit for such a grueling experience.

Apart from getting diverted from their studies, the student community on being nourished with calorie-rich dishes may even involve in unnecessary and uncalled for adventurism thereby getting diluted and neutralized in their studies. Some of the students may even become overconfident in their physical strength and stamina and indulge in unnecessary brawls. Some of the students may even consider them as heroes and woo the other sex rather prematurely and getting distracted from their main objective of studies.

What the student community required is a focused attention on their studies, a few hours of regular exercise or sports to maintain their physique and have a physical and body co-ordination and concentration.

Bodybuilding being a specialized sport, should be taken up as a sport only after completing their studies and even after finding a job to eke out their livelihood, only out of passion provided that they are physically fit and have the requisite constitution.

Therefore, bodybuilding should not be made compulsory for students, since it is unwarranted and too early considering their age, besides diverting them from their primary objectives of studies.


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