Sex improves immunity in the old age!

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Sex improves immunity in the old age!

If you are sixty years old, obese and suffering from cardiac trouble, joint pain, high BP, insomnia and tiredness and still want to get yourself bailed out of all these troubles and get relief, there is only one answer:Have more sex.

Dr.Reddy, while addressing a seminar organized by the Senior Citizens Bureau in Chennai dwelt in length on the above subject.

In India cultural beliefs and inhibitions has made sex a taboo and even a dirty word for those who past their prime in life. Studies conducted by sexologists all over the world have revealed that eschewing from sexual activities in old age does more harm than good.

In the case of ladies Menopause is frequently talked about.

Ironically it’s the male counterpart, ‘andropause’which occurs due to lower levels of testosterone, is something even doctors are hesitant to address, since many are not even aware of the condition. Harmone treatments and counseling can help deal with andropause but there are other sexual problems that the elderly face, sexual disinterest, monotony, impaired physical response and attrition or deterioration of genitals due to disuse. When they seek medical aid to help overcome sexual difficulties, they are treated with contempt and advised not to think of sex in the old age.

Even as many senior citizens are active well into their eighties, most old people blame their abstinence on sexual disfunction, usually related to erectile and ejaculatory problems, though their libido or sexual desire is unaffected.

‘Libido stems from the psyche and remains intact even when one is 90 years old. Over 40 % of my patients are over 50 years old and 20 % over 60 years of age.’ Says Dr.Narayan Reddy reputed sexologist.

When the urge to have sex is not fulfilled because the body fails to rise to the occasion, the act becomes deviant, causing physical and emotional trauma to the individual.

While Viagra has done wonders for old people’s sex lives, doctors also prescribe a change to the negative attitude towards the issue.

Dr.Reddy said, ‘ Sexual health of the older generation is an issue that should be treated with sensitivity’ while addressing the above seminar.

To put it in nutshell the above discussion that has been made:

1. Sex improves immunity

2. Sex increases longevity

3. Sex burns 200 calories

4 Sex can avert cancerous growths

5.Libido or sexual desire stems from the psyche and remains intact even when one is 90 years old

6 When the urge to have sex is not fulfilled it causes emotional trauma to the individual.

Taking the above points into account, the Senior Citizens have to restructure their life style as far as possible, if not entirely.


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