Systems don’t fail… People do!

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This is the first thing you have to remember before joining an online business. Many people are looking for this get rich quick scheme and expect to do nothing as soon as they join… that’s not how business works. You have to promote it. It’s also good to do a little research about any products or services before purchasing and if they are free it’s best to just check it out for yourself since it won’t hurt. (Some stuff might be biased however) I’ve found many great programs in the past that were free that made me lot’s of money and some of the people I was promoting it to thought it was too good to be true. I just left them alone because persuasion isn’t something I like to do, but they missed a good opportunity that was free on top of that. You will notice that some people are quick at calling a program a scam because they personally haven’t had success with it and those are usually the people that put what they have learned into practice. You have to be persistent because if you just sit around I guarantee you won’t make a dime.

You should also avoid buying leads in my honest oppinion. Here’s why… You can get the same amount of traffic for free by building relationships online and you can get better quality this way. Join social networks, and make your presence known to people. You do not want to blatantly advertise like I have seen many people do and it’s a real turn off. It just seems like they are trying to gain a quick buck. You want to build friendships. Leads that are bought usually never convert well at least to my experience. Get to know people on sites like myspace and facebook. I don’t like many of the social networks that are solely for marketing because there is usually lot’s of spam and lot’s of competition. You should be in the mindset of quality rather then quantity. If you have money to invest, it should be on something to expand your knowledge… not 1 time leads that might not do anything for you. At least with information products you can learn something new that you can put to practice.

One thing I also notice is that people are always ready to quit early and never look into the future of their business and move on to something else for a quick buck. When I joined a few programs in the past… I noticed one of my sponsors constantly moving onto something else quickly and never really taking the time to take to their affiliates. It’s not a bad thing to join multiple programs because it’s a good way to make multiple income streams. You want to take the time to teach your referrals exactly what you do to build their business so that they can ultimately do the same and build their business thus making you more money. That’s why it’s the best thing to build a relationship with them rather than promoting randomly.


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