How Spray Paint Metal Furniture

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Spray Painting Metal Furniture

Getting the Metal Ready

Take apart any movable pieces, separate all pieces, if it has drawers remove the drawers.  If there are parts that are not removable make sure to cover those parts with with painting tape or masking tape, make sure to cover them thoroughly and make sure you are not covering any of the area that needs to be painted. 

Prepare your work area by for lots of dust, paint, and rust particles.  You will want to put down a drop cloth or plenty of paper.  You should also wear protective eye wear ad small pieces of paint and rust can easily get in to your eye. 

Remove any rust, chipped paint, scratches or gouges by rubbing lightly with sand paper.  For chipped paint use a wire brush with a wooden handle and stiff wire bristles.  If you want to make the job quick and simple you can purchase a cheap circular wire brush attachment for your electric drill and do it that way.  If your furniture item is really rusty this is the best way to go to get off all the rust without wearing your self out or taking a lot of time.  Then go over the surface wit a two-part polyester base filling.

After all the rust and paint chips have been removed roughly sand the entire piece of furniture this will help the paint stick better to the surface. 

If there are any scratches or dents left after this process go over the surface with a two-part polyester base filling. Allow the base filling to harden this will take about 20 minutes.  Then sand down the area to be even with the rest of the metal on the piece.

When all sanding and repairing is done wipe down the furniture with a rag that is damp but not saturated with mineral spirits. 

Selecting the Paint

Make sure to get a spray paint that is meant to be used on metal.  My advice is to use a gloss enamel spray paint with a built in primer.  This will block moisture and protect the metal surface from corrosion.  If you go with a different paint however, make sure to use the primer recommended by the manufacturer this is important to keep moisture from the metal, and to keep it from rusting underneath.

Applying the Paint 

Before beginning to spray paint shake the can.  Shake the can really good.  There is no such thing as too much shaking, but there is such a thing as not shaking enough so shake, shake, shake, do not shake for less than one minute.  You should hear the mixing ball rattling around. 

Spray a little on some newspaper first to see how the spray comes out. 

Hold the can about a foot away from the furniture piece.  Spray a fine mist moving the can parallel to the surface.  Make sure to spray in a quick even pattern.  Keep the can moving until the entire surface is covered, then return and add as second coat. 

Don’t stop to remove drips, fingerprints, or smudges you will ruin the whole finish; instead allow them to dry and sand them off later then give it a quick touch up spray. 

Make sure to do the insides and outside of all the pieces of furniture. 

Allow the spray paint to dry completely before attempting to re-assemble the pieces of the furniture item and before removing any of the tape that covered an removable parts. 

Your item should stay very nice for a very long time for indoor furniture and for at least a couple of years on outdoor furniture.


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