The Outdoors

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it is Wonderful Place which can be Lit during the Day and Dark at Night. it can be Hot, Cold or in Between. it was

first in Mother Nature then all Living Things built all kinds of Places to Live in during the Day, Night and in

Extreme Weather Conditions. We have Cool Air during the Summer from Air Conditoners & Fans as the Heat is

Strong and it Heats up the Outdoor Air. The Sun is Furthest Away in the Summer Season. Then in the Winter

it is Colder as the Sun is Lower in the Sky and the Outside gets Colder as the Temperature Falls. We the People

need Artificial Heat from Furnaces & Heaters as We have Evolved without less Body Hair and a Lower Body

Temperature than wild Life. The Sunshine is Good for us as long as we don’t spend to much time in the Direct

Sunlight. We have Big Cities, Small Cities, Urban Area and Rural Area with Less People or None at all. Some

Area are Flat, Not Flat and Hilly & some Areas are Inland or by a Body of Water. We have many types of

Living Things that spend much of their time in the Great Outdoors as the Sun gives Life to many Things. We

all rely on each type of Living Thing for a Balance of Nature and We have Parks to Enjoy for all Ages and

Thousands of Miles of Roads to Walk, Bike or Travel by Car. We Travel away from Home any Amount of Miles

to Get away from Work, School or just for a Change of Same Daily Routine as a different Location does Us a

World of Good. Some like it so much they Move to that Area. People will Excercise in the Outdoors as the Fresh

Air is Wonderful and the Sunlight is a Mood Lifting Thing and How Important the Sun is to Us. The Night can  be

a Thing of Beauty to look at as the Moon and Stars Shine Bright and it is a Pleasure to View. So we Spend 8

Hours indoors at Work or School and We try to Spend as much Time as We can in the Great Outdors.


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