The Holidays to Me

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It is a Special Time for All Where ever You are or Who You are. It is a Time of Celebration of a Birth of a Man

Called Jesus of Nazareth and He was a Leader of People and He Wanted Peace and Love in the World. So Lots

of Decorations and a Tree in many Homes with Lots of Lights on it and around the House. Presents are Purchased

Wrapped and given on this December 25th. Lots of Nice Holiday Music is Written for this Special Day and Played

in the Home, at the Job Plus the Stores Where We Shop. A lot of Excellent Holiday Movies were Made for this

Season and Shown on TV or Cable and Released on DVD or Purchased on Video Tape as some Tapes are

still around in some Video Stores. I used to watch the Original King Kong & the Japanese King Kong vs

Godzilla on Thanksgiving and  The Miracle on 34 Street with a Very Young Elizabeth Taylor & Edmund Gwen

and The Great Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Day. In recent Years the New Classic

A Christmas Story and Older Classics A Man called Flintstone & Santa Claus on Mars. But Cable has them on

on different Schedules on Cable. The Cities are Nicely Decorated with Holiday Windows and Lots of People

doing their Holiday Shopping plus the Holiday Santa’s doing their Thing for Holiday Charities & Seeing the

Children at Dept Stores Asking them what they want for Christmas. The Big Beautiful Tree at Rockerfeller

Center and the Skaters Ice Skating at the Rink. Thousands and Thousands of Rows of Office and Apartment

Buildings Lined up a long Way for Miles with Their Trees and Decorations in the Windows. Thousands of

People come to Visit New York City for the Holidays as the Airports, Hotels and Buses fill up to Capacity as

the Holiday Week is Very Busy with Vacationers from All Over the World come to Manhattan to See it All.

Billions of Dollars in Merchandise is Sold to Buy Tree’s, Decorations and Gifts for This most Famous Once A

Year Holiday. This Time means almost 365 Days have Passed and a New Year on Our Calander will Mark a

Year Gone by and a New Holiday Season will be in another 365 Days and the Process will begin again. This

is a Day Off for most Workers and Weeks Vacation for Students at School get the Week Off. My Brother used

to Fly to Sunny Florida for Christmas Vacaction and I would Travel during Easter Vacation as a Trip to the Airport

was Fun as I Loved to Fly and My Grandparents were Living. My Grandfather drove a Big Cadillac and He and

my Grandmother would buy me Things and We would Eat at a Nice Restuarant or a Welcomed Mcdonalds take

out Meal. I Lived like a King for a Week as they had a Swimming Pool and I went to Disney World and to Drive

some Golf Balls on a Range. I always had Fun and a Great time on the Holidays and they will always be Speical

to Me. 🙂


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