College: Fun vs. Depression

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(This will be my first article posted on this site, or any site for that matter….try and be open minded)

College through my eyes consists of four main things: School, work, alcohol, and girls, which I’m sure this is the mindset of most male college students. But now that I am starting to get older, I keep looking back on some of those nights and ask myself “is this really the person I want to be?”  Going out on a Thursday night, consuming too much alcohol and not remembering a thing i did or where i am, or who this girl is i’m waking up next too. When I was a freshmen this sounded great and i kept fooling myself by rememebering what my parents and family kept saying, “these are the best times of your life.” I hope this statement is not true or else life is going to suck. Don’t get me wrong I am a very happy-go-lucky kind of a person who always has a smile on my face but laying in bed at night I can’t help but think if any of the people who i call my friends have this same mentality, and feel that a change needs to be made so we can finally start acting our age and face life. Well I really hope anyone who reads this, or if anyone reads this they can give me some good advice, or even how your college experience went and how you felt about the highs and the lows you experienced.

I know this may not be the best first article, i just needed to get this first one out there…



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