Scam: Easy Google Profit

Fast Money or a Scam?

Everyday an average Internet user sees a lot of ‘ get quick rich ‘ schemes. Are these schemes reliable? One such scheme is the “Easy Google Profit“, using the most popular name in the Internet the ‘ Google ‘.

The Scheme

The next step would be to find the flow of the so called “Easy Google Profit”. On one such links clicking on it will lead you to another site asking you to pay $1.97for a ‘ Google kit ‘ . Google doesn’t endorse or support such schemes.


Let us ask Google for some answers.  The first link in Google says this one is as any other scheme is a scam. The same scheme appears in many other unclaimed or false links. The links contain the keywords The Miami Gazette News, The Atlanta Tribune, Detroit Tribune News, Myspace Job Scam, Philadelphia Herald News.

Google Advice

  • Make-money-fast sites: Sites offering ‘ fast cash with Google ‘ or a ‘ Google success kit ‘ that promise a quick buck if you join their schemes or pay for their ‘ online kits ‘ have nothing to do with Google. Users tell us that their services involve a lot of hidden charges. Remember that, in general, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Google lottery: Users have told us about a common email scam in which they’re told they’ve won a ‘ Google lottery ‘ or other award. Sorry — there’s no Google lottery.
  • Look out for disclaimers on sites that appear to be, but aren’t, affiliated with Google or other recognizable brands: These disclaimers usually appear at the bottom of the page using variations of the language ‘ GOOGLE is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. We are not a partner, affiliate, or licensee of Google Inc., nor is our company in any other way formally associated with Google Inc.’


Every time a get rich quick
scheme comes up, be sure to hold yourself back and think clearly. The get rich quick schemes in the Internet try to defraud the user of their money by either social networking or by greed. I always follow one golden rule  “Don’t be in a hurry to spend your own money”. Always, don’t part with your name, address, contact numbers, credit card details & email address passwords. Your personal details are as good as money, stop being click-happy.

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