Should teachers receive increased compensation for improved student performance?

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Should teachers receive increased compensation for improving student performance from year to year? My answer is no, for a few very simple reasons. While this sounds like a good idea at first, there are some consequences to this. You may not agree with me, but I just ask that you think about what I say.

Teachers receiving increased compensation for improving student performance sounds like a good thing, and it could be if teachers were truthful. Using this reward could make teachers work harder to increase student performance. That would be a very good thing if they actually improved student performance. So, this sounds like a good idea, but there is also a negative side to this argument. You may be wondering what those negative things are. That is why I am here.

If teachers got paid more for increasing student performance, they could be making more and more money each year. I do think teachers should be paid more, but I have a huge problem with this method of payment. A teacher could just fix the student’s grades, even if the student did not earn them, to get that fat check at the end of the year. That is a huge problem because the student’s grades would be higher than what was earned. Students would be pushed through the system even if they are not ready for the next grade level. This is a huge problem when students that are very uneducated get into high school. For example, there is a student can’t read, but the teacher gives them good grades just to get a pay increase. Now, what if every this student’s teachers did this every year. Once they get to high school, they still don’t know how to read. They will be lucky to get into college. They may even be a high school dropout, and will have a job with low pay. Their life is ruined because their first grade teacher did not teach them how to read. If you do not see a problem with this, then you are crazy.

My second problem with this payment method is very simple. We all know that no student has the same level of knowledge. Some are smarter than others. A teacher could have smarter classes each year, just as they could have a less educated class. A teachers pay should not be determined by the performance of previous teachers. Also, some students are naturally smarter than others.

Hopefully you see that increasing teacher’s compensation for improving student performance would not do good things. It would help teachers, but the students would suffer in the end.


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