Traveling to Los Angeles California

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There are many fun places in Los Angeles California. Los Angeles California is a busy city with high traffic and heavy businesses. It can be interesting in California. There are many places that you can visit in Los Angeles California. You can visit the beach or visit the film studio and see how films are made. You can buy merchandise from downtown LA. You can eat at many different restaurants. You can walk down Hollywood strip or Sunset strip. You can visit Six Flag Magic Mountain in Valencia if you love theme parks and rides.

If you’re interested in the beach in LA California, you can visit Venice beach, Malibu Beach, Santa Monica beach, and Long Beach. Santa Monica beach is a great place for surfing. It’s probably the only beach in LA that is suitable for surfing. All the other beaches don’t have high waves for surfing. If you want to swim then Malibu beach is the perfect place. Malibu beach water is clean and it’s shallow. It’s the place that people go to if they want to swim or just lay out in the sun. Malibu beach is a very upscale place with many celebrities living there. The area is very clean with a hill right next to the beach.

Malibu beach is a romantic place for a date. You can stop right on the PCH and put your hands in the water. It’s a romantic beach unlike other beach where you have to walk in about fifteen minutes in order to touch the water. Malibu Beach is a great place for a romantic date or night out with your loved ones. It’s a very safe beach. Other beaches like Venice beach has many homeless wandering around but not Malibu Beach. There is no homeless there and the crowd is less than other beach. It’s more peaceful. There are restaurants and bars too. Venice beach is nice too but there are many homeless wandering around. The beach is not dirty but the restroom is dirty. They have restaurants and shops right on the beach.

One other thing that you can do in LA is to visit the film studios. LA is the home of film studios. They make most of the movie in LA or in New York. Hollywood is located in LA. You can buy tickets to Warner Brothers, Universal studios to see how films are made. They also have other fun features like the museums, the park, the rides, restaurants and shops. The ticket cost anywhere from $40-$60. The Hollywood strip is another fun place for you to visit. You can walk down the strip and stop for a drink or buy merchandise. The Hall of Fame is located on Hollywood strip. It’s right outside of the Kodak Theater. The Chinese Man Theater is also located right next to the Kodak Theater. If you enjoy theme parks and ride then you visit Six Flag Magic Mountain in Valencia. It’s right off of the 5 freeway North. The park is full of rides, fun, food, and games. Your family will love it at Six Flag. The cost is around $40 per ticket for adult and lesser for children. They don’t allow small babies or children that are too short for the rides. You can get there early to avoid the long line.


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