How to get started as an actor

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If you’re interesting in acting, you can move to the LA or New York where the major film industries are located. You would be able to find work quicker than if you would to live in your city. There are some acting works in other states but most of the acting, modeling jobs are located in LA or New York. They have a lot of jobs in these two cities. If you’re serious about your acting career, you should move to LA or New York. It’s expensive to live in LA or New York.  The rent is around $1000 for a one bedroom apartment. You have to have roommates in order to live in those states. It’s not inexpensive like some other states. You would have to find a regular job first in order to support yourself before you can go on to do other types of acting work.

Acting jobs are on and off and it’s not that reliable. You would have to have a normal job in order to support yourself. It may takes awhile before you actually get to land a gig. You have to get everything in order before you can audition for roles in movies. What do you need in order to get started? You would need your resume and head shots. You would need your acting experiences or schooling done before you apply for major parts. You can take acting lessons or go to acting school. You need to have some sort of experiences or education down on your paper but you might not need it if you know someone in the industry. You might not need it if you have the right look that the production is looking for. You need experiences but most importantly you need to have the right look.

Each movie has certain requirements and you have to look the part or else they won’t cast you. If the role calls for a red haired, six feet girl who’s under 25 and you’re not red haired, six feet or under 25, you might not land the job. Looks are very important in the film industry. You have to have the physical characteristics that they are looking for. You don’t have to be tall or perfect but you have to audition for roles that ask for your kind of characteristics. For example, if the role calls for a big guy and you’re a thin guy, you might not get the role. If the role calls for a muscular guy but you’re a thin guy again, you might not get it. They are very picky about their specific requirements. If the casting call fits your description then you might have a better chance landing the gig. You will need to get your resume, photos, and head shots together for an audition. After you have those you’re ready to go on auditions. You can also have wallet size photo to give to potential directors who can use you for work later on. You will also need your sag card. You can get a sag card after you land a speaking part or while you work as an extra. They will give you a sag card if you have a few spoken words in the movie or TV show. The most important part in Hollywood is to know directors and producers because they can give you work.


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