How to avoid food poisoning

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Food poisoning can be life threatening. I’ve had two food poisoning experiences in my life and I know that it’s easy to get food poisoning. You can avoid food poisoning if you know what to watch out for. Food poisoning happens often if you eat out at unsanitary places or truck. If you cook at home, you might not get food poisoning. You get food poisoning when the food is not well cooked or well prepared. It’s dirty or contaminated with viruses and bacteria. You should not eat out from a truck or street vendor. The chances of getting food poisoning is high.

How do you get food poisoning? You get food poisoning when you eat food that is not well cooked. You eat food that is dirty, cold, contaminated with viruses or bacteria or other things. Anything that is not natural for your body can cause food poisoning. If you want to avoid food poisoning, you can learn the signs of contaminated food or dirty food. It’s bestthat you examine your food well before you eat it. This is true if you’ll be eating outside a lot. You can look to see if the food is well cooked or clean. If it’s cold, or seem contaminated, you can discard it. You should never undercooked food. Food that are undercooked will have bacteria and viruses attached to it. You have heard of many cases of uncooked food that have parasites or tape worm eggs in them. This is all true.

Recently, ABC News reported that there was a man who sued a restaurant in Chicago for giving him a 9 foot tape worm. He ate fresh fish sushi and somehow got the eggs for the tape worm. He went to a local hospital and he found out that he had a 9 foot tape worm that was growing even more. He sued for $100,000 in court. The chef at that restaurant said that they get fish with parasites often but all it takes is cooking to kill the parasites. This is why you should cook all of your food well. Another story was reported by ABC news about worms in food.


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