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Traveling to Asia was really a great experience for me. I especially love the rain forest, wild animal that you don’t see in American. There are safety concerns too of course. When you’re visiting the country in Asia, you see all sorts of health issue that needs a lot of improvement. It’s nice to see a new side of a foreign country but you also see a lot of things that you are not too happy about. One thing that I noticed was the human trafficking issue back in Saigon, Vietnam. This is one of their main mode of work. There are not a lot of other work available for the citizens. It’s a developing country and they are still working on improvement. It’s not a well to do country comparing to the US or other country.

It’s fun to travel to a foreign country but there are a lot of issues that a traveler has to keep in mind when they’re visiting Asia. I noticed that you can’t really eat the food from the street vendors. The restaurants are not that sanitary. The traffic is out of control. They don’t have the red lights like the ones we have in the US. The traffic just go all over the place. It’s easy to get into a car accident there. They have a lot of motorcycle and not a lot of cars. You might be able to catch a taxi to travel around. Notice that a lot of drivers don’t have insurance or driver’s license. If they hit you, they can take off and no one will go after them. It’s pretty much a chaos on the street of Saigon. If you want to be safe, you have to walk on the side walk and don’t cross the side walk too much. If you don’t want to get sick, you should avoid all food and drink from street vendors. You can eat food from your hotel because it’s safer.

Besides the health and traffic problems, you will enjoy the natural beauty of the city. You will have a great time watching the local people doing their daily things. They would drive around in their motorcycle or walk on the strip. People are very mobile there. You will notice that they don’t dress up either. A lot of them don’t dress up at all. They would wear slippers, tank tops and some pants or shorts. They are very casual in Saigon. There are a lot of bars in Saigon. Men go there for the girls. Human trafficking is a problem in Saigon but they don’t have any other mode of work. This is a major problem in some Asian country. They’re not well to do. There are not a lot of places for people to work and the pay is very low. This was what I observed while I was there. The locals girls can be infected with STDs. You have to be careful. You might be infected if you don’t protect yourself.

Other than some of the problems above, you can find a lot of fun activities and sight seeing opportunities in Saigon. If you like nature and wild animals then you can go farther into the farmland to observe those. You can take a taxi but you should be careful because taxi drivers can be unsafe too. There are many beaches in Saigon. You can take the time to venture out into the beaches. They have a lot of resorts and pool too. Your hotel would have a pool available for you too. Saigon has a lot of tropical fruits that are fresh for you to pick. You can also buy them from the local store. People usually visit Saigon for the fresh fruits if you know how to eat them. Some of the fruits there are not available in the US and you might have never seen them before.


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