The only way to put movies in your iPod Nano

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There are so many methods by which you can get movies into your iPod. You can obtain movies from Podcast via iTunes or you can browse the iTunes store to buy movies at cheaper rate and then download it directly into your iPod.

I am going to give you some hints on other methods to put movies into your iPod without using iTunes. Does that sound inviting?

 RealPlayer is one of them? You will have to upgrade to RealPlayer Plus at the rate of 29, 00 Euros for you to have access to downloading web video from it to your iPod.

1)      Ever heard of this one from WONDERSHARE? It is free iPod Video transfer software and it is VIRUS-FREE! Download it from here;

With this software, you don’t need to connect your iPod to iTunes in order to transfer videos into your iPod. Just make sure your iPod is ‘properly’ connected to your PC and there you go. This software will compress your video file so that it can fit in into your iPod.

2)      Once its download, it will check if your iPod is connected to the PC or not. If it’s connected, it will quickly show all your files in your iPod on its right side in the page. If it’s not connected, it will indicate immediately announcing that ‘iPod is not connected to PC

3)      To transfer movies from your PC to your iPod, ensure you have already converted your movies into M4A or MP3 format using a movie converter. Get on free from here (see resources below)

4)      In the Wondershare iPod Video Transfer page, CLICK on ICON FOLDER of the SOURCE located on the upper corner of the left side of the window. Windows will pop-up showing your PC directory.

5)      Search for your video files. SELECT and then click OK. If you have the right converted video, it will appear in the left side of the window.

6)      Then SELECT the video by TICKING the tiny box beside it.  Go to CLICK on ARROW pointing in the RIGHT DIRECTION of the page, which is located in the middle.

7)      Instantly, it will start the TRANSFER and you will be able to MONITOR this progress underneath through the PROGRESS LINE indicated below with %.

 That’s it; you can get your movies in your iPod stress-free!

Note; this software is not compatible with iPod 6. I advise you don’t even bother to install or use it if you have iPod 6. It won’t work.


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