Which genre is the most useful: Radio or television?

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Which genre is the most useful: Radio or television?

Though radio and television belong to the same genre of communication media, they essentially differ with each other. While radio is the earliest in invention and usage whose author being Marconi, its mode of conveyance is rather limited and restricted.We can only hear from a radio what is broadcast in a particular wavelength. Whereas the television was invented by J.L.Baird many years later significantly improved as a visual media.

When we proceed to analyse which is more useful whether radio or television, we have to enumerate their merits and demerits. In a radio, a programme can be prepared and organized and broadcast in a short notice and even a live broadcast is possible .Similarly regular updates in news covering political, social and commercial categories are possible. Live beautiful commentaries of sports events like cricket, hockey, football is also possible in a radio. In the modern days apart from the radio stations run by a nation, private FM radio channels are run by the private operators on a commercial basis covering advertisements and broadcasting movie songs and such FM radio channels are easily and readily made available, even through mobile phones. Such mobile phones with FM radio have become popular among the youngsters. However, the scope of a radio is limited both in terms of variety and commercial value. Apart from the negligible income that we derive from the FM channels, lesser number of employment opportunities to the radio artists and news readers or some ad representatives, the radio has much less to offer. Moreover, radio which had once remained as the main source of entertainment and current news has been replaced by ultra modern televisions of various sizes and various channels. In other words we can even say that radio as a medium of communication has almost become obsolete.

Whereas television as a visual media of communication and entertainment, ever since its invention has grown and varied in size and stature rather monstrously. First developed as a white and block television and then transformed into color has been made in various sizes, even to the extent of converting your house into a home theatre. The main advantage of a television is that it covers both the audio and the visual medium, while radio covered only the audio. Even without a sound effect, a beautiful scenery or an episode can be enjoyed through the visual media in a television. In the modern world we have the television channels telecast both by a nation as well as hundreds of private channels telecast by private operators. Even going a step forward, political parties have their private television channels mainly for the purpose of harboring their own party, its policies and programmes.

Television plays and serials telecast, involving whether serious or comic themes, especially in the private channels have great commercial scope and entertainment value Television actors both in India and in the western countries have become popular and overnight stars and television serials are providing employment opportunities to thousands of peoples like actors, technicians and other menial workers. Sometimes television stars become mega stars in the bolywood, kolywood, tolywood or Hollywood or vice versa. An inspiring speech by a great leader on the eve of any important national day actually inspire people to a greater extent and even awaken them towards nationalism or patriotism in the hours of crisis.

In the modern day, television channels have been categorized into general, sports, news, movie and cartoon channels etc, to cater to and attract different kind of audience. Sports channels like STAR TV, Sky TV, Neo Sports etc are minting money in millions of dollars or rupees by getting the telecast rights of popular games like cricket, foot ball, wrestling matches and games like commonwealth and Olympic events etc. Wheras Radio has no scope for such commercial value.

The main stay of income of the Television channels is through ad sponsored programmes they telecast. Political parties are utilizing the television channels for their political campaigning during elections. Telecasting the open debate by the contesting presidential candidates on the eve of presidential election is very popular in the US.

Thus a television has much to offer in variety of programmes they telecast and has a tremendous scope for earning revenue than radio. Thus Television as a genre is more useful than radio.


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