Why cell phones should be banned in the classroom?

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Why cell phones should be banned in the classroom?

A classroom is meant for learning. Learning is a process which involves multifarious activities like reading, writing, teaching, listening, questioning and answering etc which occur continuously involving both oral and written form.Various teachers belonging to different faculties play a leading role in the class room in their allotted hours. It is the duty of the teachers to co-ordinate the learning activities inside the class room through their teaching methods. It is the duty of the students to involve in a variety of learning programmes mentioned above as directed by their teachers. Each student learns what is taught by the teachers with a rapt attention, whatever might be the form of process involved. Therefore, to put it in nutshell, a classroom is meant for the interaction among the students inter se as well as between the teachers and the students.

Such interaction inside the classroom is possible only in a serene and congenial atmosphere, bereft of any element of noise and babble of sounds. Again learning process inside a class room requires the keen attention of concerning parties, involving physical and brain co-ordination, in other words what we call the power of concentration. Any lapse on their part or deviation in their concentration will result in failure of their objective and ultimately in their mission. Suppose, a teacher is lecturing on a technical subject and even uses a demonstration process by way of illustration on the board, in a pin drop silence, any small intervention or disturbance, say in the form a ring tone from a mobile phone may cause a distraction among the students as well the teacher, resulting in a lapse of concentration, thereby foil all the hard work put by the teacher as well as the students. Thereby the teacher looses his rhythm of teaching while the students their rhythm of learning.

Again in the course of lecturing by a teacher, any distraction caused by cell phone’s use, say an incoming call in the form of a ring tone or an out going call made by a student inside the class room or by a person in the vicinity of the class room, will cause a momentary lapse on the part of teacher thereby force him to commit mistakes in the course of his lecturing. That is why in the precincts of court halls where justice is rendered as well as in the vicinity or precincts of temples, the use of cell phones are invariably prohibited. In the former case, the intention is to prohibit any distraction in the judicial process, while in the latter case not to desecrate the sanctity of the temple.

Again a class room is equated with a temple, wherein learning as a process is adored and worshipped. That is why we classify a teacher in on order of priority as follows: ‘Matha , Pitha, Guru and Deivam’ which means mother, father, teacher and God.

Therefore, when a teacher is adored with divinity, we should give due respect to him or her and certainly there is no scope for a mobile phone in a temple of education and therefore the banning of a cell phone inside the classroom or even in the vicinity of a classroom is absolutely justified.


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